Nothin' But Net - Basketball Build-A-Face Game


Nothin' But Net - Basketball Build-A-Face Game

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Turn up the fun with our Nothin' But Net - Basketball Build-A-Face Game! Great for game nights, family gatherings, or any party, this activity comes with 2 plastic signs and 12 assorted paper props for a fast-paced game that will have players racing against each other! Fun and quick, this game is easy to learn and will have everyone excited to join in! Let the smiles and laughter run wild when you play the Build-A-Face Game!

How To Play:

  1. Each player sits behind their sign and inserts their arms into the holes. Choose a judge to award points.
  2. Once the timer starts, players have 30 seconds to blindly feel for their props and attach to their sign.
  3. The first player to finish gets 3 points. The judge awards 1 point per prop shape to the player with the most accurate placement.
  4. The player with the most points wins!

Twist: Mix all the props together and have the players reach from the same pile!

Nothin' But Net - Basketball Build-A-Face Game:

  • Set of 2 Signs, 12 Paper Props, and Assembly Stickers
  • 2-Player Game - Suitable For Ages 3 and Older
  • Printed Corrugated Plastic and Cardstock Paper
  • Some Easy Assembly Required

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