90's Throwback Scratch Off Cards Game - 22 Ct


90's Throwback Scratch Off Cards Game - 22 Ct

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Gather your friends and get ready for a fab night out with this creative 90's Throwback party activity. Fun but not very risqué, scratch off dare cards are sure to be a hit with everyone! With dares like “Start a dance train” and “Blow kisses to a stranger,” everyone will be willing to participate with our getting into too much trouble. If you want to make it a bit more challenging, there is a pass card and “Choice Card” to make your party perfectly suited for your group of friends. 90's Throwback dare cards will give you plenty of memories – and photos – to giggle about for a long time!


90's Throwback - 1990s Party Scratch Off Dare Cards:

  • SIMPLE: Hand out cards all at once, or distribute throughout the night. Each cardholder scratches off their card to reveal their dare.
  • TWIST: Guests can opt out of their dare by buying the Host a drink!
  • TRUTH-OR-DARE: Opt out of a dare by answering a “TRUTH” question from the Host.
  • Note: Dares aren’t very risqué, so you can have a fun night out without next-day regrets.

22 Dare Cards:

  1. Take a shot of someone else’s choosing
  2. Photo bomb three random photos
  3. Perform a ’90s dance move
  4. Tell a stranger to “Talk to the hand”
  5. Sing a line from your favorite ’90s song
  6. List 10 ’90s TV shows in 60 seconds
  7. Order a drink that shares the first letter of your name
  8. Recite the alphabet backwards
  9. Get or give a piggyback ride
  10. Pass! Give someone else a dare
  11. Get someone to mix you a drink
  12. Yell “I love the ’90s!”
  13. Swap a ’90s accessary with a friend
  14. Tell someone they are “Da Bomb”
  15. Pass! Give someone else a dare
  16. Party host’s choice!
  17. Use a ’90s pickup line on someone
  18. Say “OMG” before every sentence for 10 minutes
  19. Get someone to sing a ’90s love song to you
  20. Call 10 people “homey” before you take a drink
  21. Say “FYI” after every sentence for 10 minutes
  22. Tell two strangers talking to “Get a room!”

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