Volume One Magazine - July 2010 Issue


Big Dot of Happiness' unique atmosphere earned the company special attention in a July 2010 issue of Volume One Magazine, a local culture and entertainment publication. As Customer Service Manager and "Dotifier of Dots" Brenda Knutson explained in the article, "We get to help people celebrate incredible life events. We take that very seriously and sincerely...We want everyone to love coming to work." As the article detailed, this unique way of life has inspired every employee to begin work each day with a fun, enthusiastic attitude - an attitude that's immediately obvious in the office's brightly colored walls and even the greetings customer service representatives (or "Expert, Experts") use with customers every day: "Good afternoon! It's a fun-tastic Friday. This is ____; how can I help you?" Big Dot of Happiness is proud to maintain this extraordinary company philosophy and atmosphere no matter how much the company grows, even if it means randomly blindfolding their employees and taking them on shopping trips to the local mall (which did happen earlier this year). "Everything is crazy and fun with us," Knutson stated in the article. "That's what we're about."

You can read the full Volume One article by clicking on the following link: Volumeone.org