100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our Promises to You!

Here at Big Dot of Happiness, you are our boss and your satisfaction is our success! It is our promise to you to make it right and that everything you receive is good to the last dot.

Good to the last dot.

Every item we sell comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We pride ourselves in creating high-quality, unique and original products. If for any reason you are not 100% head-over-heels in love with your purchase, we will happily replace or accept a return of the item(s). It is our promise to you to make it right..


Happiness Hero advice.

We have Happiness Heroes here to help you six days a week - available by phone, email and live chat.

Looking for someone to listen? Our goal is to answer the phone immediately.
Wanting to email your thoughts? We’ll send you an answer within one hour.
Prefer to chat with us? We’re on live chat at all times during our customer service hours.
Monday-Friday: 8am - 4pm CST

If you need expert expert help planning your special occasion, have any questions, issues or concerns, we’re excited to hear from you! We see our job as making everyday heroes out of everyday people. We love helping you look like a well-trained party planner, or what we like to call a Hostess Hero.

We ship fast... really really fast.

Order today... SHIPS TOMORROW! Even PERSONALIZED items!!

It's super simple... here's how it works:

  • All products qualify. EVEN PERSONALIZED ITEMS!
  • Most of our products ship within one business day.

*We will ALWAYS ship your order any way necessary to receive your order on or before your guaranteed delivery date.

Making life’s occasions fun. It’s about time.

We promise you remarkable service at all times. Whether it is talking with a Happiness Hero on the phone, navigating easily through our Web sites, having high-quality and unique products for your celebration, receiving your order in a Box of Happiness, opening an email filled with spunkitudinality updating you on your order’s journey or receiving your order in record time, we want every step to be a FUN experience for you. You are, after all, our boss!

We make it right.

Hostess Heroes shared their doterrific experiences with us:

“My order actually showed up incorrect the first time, so I quickly emailed the company with the given contact information. I had a response within less than an hour and was told they would be reshipping my order in the correct manner. I then responded thanking them for their quick attention to the matter, and received another email within 30 minutes. My order arrived in plenty of time for my event, and along with the correct order, they also included a coupon, a small gift of apology, as well as a hand-written heartfelt card apologizing for the trouble caused. Imagine how touched I was! I emailed them again thanking them once again for their superior customer service and AGAIN received a response in about 30 minutes. This company is amazing and I look forward to working with them in the future!”

“I am so impressed from start to finish! Aside from the fact that the site and ordering process are easy to navigate, what really made a difference is the TLC that went into the packaging: everything was packed so neat and diligently, was beautifully wrapped and looked rather like a present than just some ordered goods dumped into a box. Wow! Shipping times were fast and shipping costs reasonable. Around the time of my baby shower I even received a handwritten thank you card with best wishes for my event! Very thoughtful and sweet :) ... on a general note: love those fun little "how to" videos ;) You guys are awesome!”