New Year's Eve - Gold Drink If Game - 24 Ct

Drink If - New Year&
Drink If - New Year&
Drink If - New Year&

New Year's Eve - Gold Drink If Game - 24 Ct

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Gather your friends and family for an unforgettable party when you play this fun Drink If … game. Make sure everyone starts with a full drink and then let the celebration begin.

Fun Ideas for your Drink If New Year's Eve Party… Game:

  • Perfect for office parties, adult family gatherings and even a girls or guys holiday weekend.
  • Put someone in charge of picking cards and deciding who drinks what and when.
  • Use as an ice breaker when the party starts or bring them along for an all-night event.

This New Year's Eve drink if game has something for everyone as each card prompts a specific Drink If … such as Drink if “You are NOT the sober cab.” and “Drink if You have taken a shot tonight.” Play at home for a casual holiday get together or bring them out with you for entertainment throughout the night. Drink If  New Year's Eve… cards are perfect for any holiday party, office New Years party, or friends get together.

New Years Eve Party Game Details:

  • 24 cards with specific Drink If … instructions.
  • Printed on heavy card stock and cut in a round shape.
  • Cards measure 3.25” x 3.25”

Drink If:

  1. you had to drink last time.
  2. you are reading this card.
  3. you are holding your cell phone.
  4. you are only on your first drink.
  5. you are going to be hung over tomorrow.
  6. you are drinking champagne.
  7. you are wearing a New Year’s Eve party hat or glasses.
  8. you are already drunk.
  9. your resolution is to lose weight or get in shape.
  10. you won’t make it ‘til midnight.
  11. you have someone to kiss at midnight.
  12. your resolution is to quit something.
  13. you break your resolutions every year.
  14. you had a great year!
  15. you are wearing sequins or glitter.
  16. you are wearing a tie.
  17. this is going to be YOUR year.
  18. you are wearing black.
  19. you are NOT the sober cab.
  20. your resolution is to drink more.
  21. you don’t even bother with resolutions.
  22. you are on the hunt for a midnight kiss.
  23. you have taken a shot tonight.
  24. you are going to have a dance party tonight!

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