Happy Halloween - Witch Party Game Scratch Off Dare Cards - 22 Count
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Happy Halloween - Witch Party Game Scratch Off Dare Cards - 22 Count

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Gather your friends and get ready for a fab night out with this creative Happy Halloween party activity. Fun but not very risqué, scratch off dare cards are sure to be a hit with everyone! With dares like “Convince someone you are an actual Witch” and “Yell "Boo" to the next person that walks in” everyone will be willing to participate without getting into too much trouble. If you want to make it a bit more challenging, there is a pass card and “Choice Card” to make your party perfectly suited for your group of friends. Happy Halloween dare cards will give you plenty of memories – and photos – to giggle about for a long time!

Happy Halloween - Witch Party Scratch Off Dare Cards:

  • SIMPLE: Hand out cards all at once, or distribute throughout the night. Each cardholder scratches off their card to reveal their dare.
  • TWIST: Guests can opt out of their dare by buying the Host a drink!
  • TRUTH-OR-DARE: Opt out of a dare by answering a “TRUTH” question from the Host.
  • Note: Dares aren’t very risqué, so you can have a fun night out without next-day regrets.

22 Dare Cards:

  1. Sneak up behind a stranger to scare them
  2. Yell “Trick or Treat” as loud as you can
  3. Request a classic Halloween song
  4. Find a broom and ride it around the room
  5. Convince someone Halloween is actually tomorrow
  6. Tell a stranger that you’re going to put a spell on them
  7. Take a Halloween themed shot
  8. Swap a costume accessory with someone
  9. Take 10 selfies with people dressed up
  10. Wrap a friend in toilet paper
  11. Go outside and howl at the moon like a werewolf
  12. Demonstrate your best witch cackle
  13. Walk like a zombie for 60 seconds
  14. Tell a stranger that you want to suck their blood
  15. Yell “Boo” to the next person that walks in
  16. Convince a stranger that you always dress like this
  17. Spell Halloween backwards
  18. Show off your best monster dance moves
  19. Stare creepily at a stranger until they notice you
  20. Photo bomb three random photos
  21. Pass! Give someone else a dare
  22. Talk in a creepy voice for 10 minutes