Give your loved one a customized shout-out for their birthday, graduation,
baby shower, bridal shower, or any special occasion.
Shout-Outs will be shared to our homepage AND Facebook Page!

Submit Custom Celebration Shout-Out HERE


How long is the message displayed for?

Shout-Out message will be displayed on our BigDotOfHappiness.com homepage for ONE WEEK and posted to our Facebook Page on day of event submitted by you.

What is the character limit?

At this time, there is no character limit but short and sweet is best.

How soon will my Shout-Out be displayed after submitting form?

Please allow us 2 business days to review your request and be on look out for email approval within 24 hours of submitting form.

Can I include photo with Shout-Out?

YES! You are allowed the option of including ONE photo per Shout-Out request.

Can I submit more than 1 Shout-Out?

YES! There is no limit on how many Shout-Out forms you can submit. Each form is for one Shout-Out. Simply fill out multiple forms if you would like to request additional Shout-Outs.

What happens to the information I submit?

All details submitted will be kept confidential. We do not sell names, addresses, numbers or any other information you give us. Pinky swear. View Privacy Policy.

Submit Custom Celebration Shout-Out HERE