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Bridal Shower Cupcake Supplies

Bridal shower cupcake supplies turn mounds of flour and frosting into extraordinary bundles of yummy tasting bundles of love. More and more brides are falling in love with the idea of serving cupcakes in lieu of one large bridal shower or wedding cake but don't know how to make them look festive and pretty. cupcake wrappers and toppers make your desserts look spectacular with their squiggle cut edges and incomparable designs. Your cupcake creations will be a mouth watering hit when you wrap them in our bridal shower cupcake decorations. They’re easy to use and will completely transform your party treats! Our cupcake wrappers are designed to fit around standard-sized cupcakes that are already baked. Whether you make them yourself or purchase already baked cupcakes, it will look like hours were spent creating perfectly coordinated treats when all it takes is a minute or two per cupcake! The toppers are also quite simple to assemble. Simply place an already personalized sticker label on each side of the topper, then stick the completed topper into the top of a frosted cupcake. Like magic, you’ll have assembled an eye-catching array of treats that are almost too pretty to eat. And these fun designs can be found only at