My best friend recently hosted her first baby shower. During the planning stage, she focused on details that would make the shower fun and memorable. She asked me what I thought about including a baby shower game for all the guests to play. I enthusiastically supported the idea!! A game makes for an excellent icebreaker and superb entertainment! 

On the day of the shower things were going perfectly! My friend was overjoyed!

After everyone had chatted and were sitting comfortably with full tummies, she declared that it was game time! The game was a classic! Match the baby animal with their mothers.  One lucky guest was declared the winner and awarded with a fantastic prize! Great decorations…check! Yummy food…check, check! Game played…check, check , check! I was settling into my seat and getting ready to watch the new mommy open all of her beautifully wrapped gifts when, out came the directions for another game, and then another, and another. The next thing I knew, we were seven games in and there is no end in sight.

We were playing baby shower games for nearly two hours.  My friend was so determined that each guest be fully entertained, that she planned and prepared eleven different games. That’s right…ELEVEN.  The guests were becoming restless and the mommy was growing uncomfortable.

My poor friend….just trying to be a “Hostess Hero”, was losing enthusiasm…where had she gone wrong?  I wanted nothing more than to save her! I asked myself how this entire situation could have been avoided.  Then it hit me….like a baby shower lightning bolt… Fabulous 5 from Big Dot of Happiness!  The Fabulous 5 Personalized Baby Shower or Bridal Shower Game is a convenient way to play up to 5 games in one.  It’s simple, cute and most of all fun!

At Big Dot of Happiness, we want to help avoid situations like the one that fell upon my dear friend.   We dream up and plain hostess strategies with extra creativity and an innovative spirit in hopes of making baby and bridal showers an extraordinary, Big Dot success!!!

Check out our Fabulous 5 games!  They’re modern, beautiful, and convenient….and trust me….from one over gamed baby shower attendee….your guests will thank you!

Posted by Kelsey, a Dot-arilla Blogger