Cute new headset – check!  Products and procedures to memorize – check!  New view on customer service – check!  While journaling my first month of employment at Big Dot of Happiness, one thing is for certain – Big Dot Expert Expert customer service is unprecedented. 

Everyone has called a customer service representative for something from cable to credit cards, mobile phones to tech support.  If your experiences have been anything like mine, most of the time they result in disappointment.  Whether it is a lack of information, robotic responses, or getting the run-around, these experiences can be extremely frustrating.   

During my short time on the job at Big Dot of Happiness, I’ve learned how unique our Expert, Expert customer service department is.   Magnificent Mondays and Funtastic Fridays…what?  But that is just the thing…here at Big Dot, Mondays really are magnificent and Fridays are more than funtastic.  Unlike traditional customer service representatives, we Big Dot Expert Experts strive to make every Big Dot moment extraordinary!  My experiences at Big Dot of Happiness thus far have led me to believe that great customer service is a choice.  I choose to be delightful because you deserve exceptional customer service!  We sincerely take pride in helping you plan life’s biggest moments and enjoy giving a helping hand.  Believe it or not, at Big Dot of Happiness we’re ecstatic when our phone rings and we get to talk to YOU!  Not only are we answering your questions and taking orders, we’re extending the Big Dot Experience…  Creating remarkable smiles one phone call at a time!

Posted by an Expert Expert