Puppy Parties

  1. Look Who's Barking: Good Day Baltimore

    Look Who's Barking: Good Day Baltimore
    You know how excitement feels? That uncontrollable tail wagging that happens when you wait all.day.long. for Mom to come home and then she finally shows up - with TREATS! Yeah, we were that kind of excited when we were asked to appear on the Fox45 Good Day Baltimore morning show. Host Megan Gilliland and Big Dot of Happiness owner, Sherri Yukel, help you get party trained. Watch the video to learn how you can celebrate your pooch with a puppy shower or bruffday party. With snacks for the 4-legged friends...
  2. Look Who's Barking: New Jersey Monthly

    Look Who's Barking: New Jersey Monthly
    When we saw our name on Susan Brierly's New Jersey Monthly article, we were so excited we almost ran through the gate! Susan listed us as one of her favorite new discoveries in the pet market - isn't that something to bark about?!? You can read Susan's complete article here and then stay tuned to New Jersey Monthly for her dog and cat style features in the July issue.
  3. SummerDaze Wiener Dog Races

    SummerDaze Wiener Dog Races
    Adventurous pups never pass up a good time so when we had the chance to sponsor a pooch in the Wiener Dog Race at the Menomonie SummerDaze Festival, the answer was YES! Our team looked fabulous in the bright shirts and our racer, Ella, was ready to run in a When Pooch Comes To Shove party hat and cape created by crafty pawty trainer, Jessy. Ella strutted her stuff in the costume contest then got down to business as she prepared to blow the competition away with her speedy little...
  4. REAL POOCHES | REAL PAWTIES: Pollyanna's Sausage Fest

    REAL POOCHES | REAL PAWTIES: Pollyanna's Sausage Fest
    When Anna's furbaby turned one, it was time for a celebration - a Hot Diggity Dog Party that everyone would want an invite to. For Pollyanna's first birthday party, Anna hosted a sausage fest that got all the neighborhood dogs drooling. From her epic grill-out to local brews and of course, custom dog party decorations, the event was a success. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine, the food and the fun - especially Pollyanna! "Thanks for coming, guys!" Check out the photo album of my barking-good party here. I can't wait to...
  5. {Free Printable} 4th of July Treats For Your Dog

    {Free Printable} 4th of July Treats For Your Dog
    4th of July celebrations are just not for your two-legged friends, include your pooch and their four-legged friends in your party. Have special treats, games, and refreshments for the dogs to enjoy. The dogs and their owners will have a blast celebrating together. I used free printable 4th of July tags from our partner, BigDotOfHappiness.com to decorate treats for the pups that will be attending our 4th of July party. I bought different types of rawhide sticks that I slid through the tags and will use them as décor on our...
  6. Bark Mitzvahs - A Fun Trend in Dog Parties

    It is so exciting to see a new trend, and even more fun when it is for our furry friends! One of the latest dog party trends is Bark Mitzvahs, or holding a celebration for a dog’s coming of age. This mirrors the Jewish traditional Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah that is celebrated when boys turn 13 and girls turn 12. Bark Mitzvahs are not necessarily held at a certain age for dogs, however many occur when the dog turns 13 years, 13 months, or 2 years old (close to...
  7. {Ruh-roh} Dog Moment #30 - Duck!

    I love the moments with your dog that make you smile no matter how often it happens. Do you have a Ruh-Roh dog moment? Share your story with us below!
  8. DIY Party Decoration Ideas {Dog Party Centerpiece Kits}

    DIY Party Decoration Ideas {Dog Party Centerpiece Kits}
    My mom loves to save some money but always want so put on a great pawty for me and my furry pals.  That's why she got so excited when she found these Centerpiece Kits from WhenPoochComesToShove.com. With 1 large centerpiece, 2 scalloped circles & stands, and 36 confetti pieces, the possibilities for are endless on how mom can make my pawty YOU-nique for me! 1. Rosette Fans are a Breeze // Dress up a simple tissue paper rosette by hot gluing a few pieces of confetti in the center. It...
  9. Cool Dog in the Hot Summer

    Already this summer in Wisconsin it is HUMID and I can’t stand it. I feel so bad for our old little fur ball, Lulu! The kids and I were with Lulu outside this weekend trying to enjoy the weather but unfortunately, Lulu looked sad and miserable. Seeing her so uncomfortable got me wondering about what I could do to help her out with the heat. I read a few articles and googled a few things and I learned a lot! Did you know that early signs of heat stroke in...
  10. Look Who's Barking: Pretty Fluffy

    Look Who's Barking: Pretty Fluffy
    Featuring only the latest and greatest dog trends, Pretty Fluffy is a fabulous source for pampering your pooch and  is one of our absolute favorite sites for all things modern dog. You could imagine how incredibly excited we were to see Thor's Puppy Shower featured! Click through to see the pawty, but prepare yourself for a cuteness coma. Showing off our Chevron Boy party supplies, Serena Faber Nelson created a lovely gallery of inspirational party images. From puppy snacks to people treats, this was a puppy party to remember! Even...

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