Puppy Parties

  1. Tips for Removing Pet Allergens From Your Home

    Tips for Removing Pet Allergens From Your Home
    We know you share your home with some special furbabies and they will always be #1 but ... it is important to make your house guests comfortable for their short stay as well. Follow these tips to remove pet allergens from your home to make everyone's time enjoyable. After all, Great Gram might not appreciate your in-home fur fest. No matter what, you will never remove ALL of the allergens from your home but these tips will certainly keep them to a minimum. Guests with dog and cat allergies may...
  2. Plan the Perfect Puppy Party - Printable Checklist

    You know the basics of planning a dog party - Invitations, party favors, and some snacks and water to keep everyone happy. But what happens if you forget something? And your guests start showing up? And you don't have time to run to the store for the last-minute party supplies? And your dog party is a disaster!!! Don't risk it by relying on memory to get your party planned. This free printable dog party checklist will keep you on task and ready for anything - because we all know, "it...
  3. Chevron Boy Bruffday Dog Party Theme & Decoration Ideas

    Hosting the perfect dog party is easy with a little planning and a few key decorations. Follow these party decoration tips to style an impressive Chevron Boy Bruffday puppy shower or dog birthday party.   1. Do It Yourself Craft Tags // You are definitely going to have one DIY party decoration so be sure to order custom craft tags to dress it up and make it perfectly themed. These versatile tags will look great on favor bags or at the candy buffet tied around pretty containers. 2. Custom Candy...
  4. REAL POOCHES | REAL PARTIES: Bellla's Birthday Party

    REAL POOCHES | REAL PARTIES: Bellla's Birthday Party
    Amy, owner of Studio A Events, styled this perfect pooch party to celebrate Bella. Amy used our free concierge service to make our Chevron Girl Bruffday Party dog party theme even more girly, perfect for her little princess! Bella sure is one lucky pup!   Watch the video to learn more about our concierge design service then start planning your next celebration! We are here to make it YOU-nique.
  5. Celebrating Your Best Friend

    Celebrating Your Best Friend
    That little fuzzy face is there day in and day out - ready to greet you and make any bad day better. I am sure you have a similar look waiting for you when you get home from a long day - or even just home from a trip to the mail box! My furbaby, Rowlf, wandered into my life 11 years ago. He was a little fluffy ball full of energy who loved the cats, ran in circles and looked at me for constant approval - with big eyes...
  6. 5 Healthy and Easy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

    5 Healthy and Easy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes
    We all want to give our pups the very best - and sometimes that means doing it yourself so you are in control of the ingredients or materials. BUT, doing it can also be time consuming and take time away from actually enjoying the process and the time you get to spend with your pooch. We have collected our homemade dog treat recipes that are both healthy and easy {and fun} to make. Most of the ingredients can even be found in your pantry without a trip to the store...
  7. Do It Yourself Dog Party Favors: Shaped Cut Outs

    Do It Yourself Dog Party Favors: Shaped Cut Outs
    You don't want your dog party to be a barking bore with the same dog party supplies you can find everywhere BUT you also don't want to spend your entire weekend crafting - That's precious dog park time and we know you will never give that up! Creating a pawsome dog party doesn't have to be a ton of work and now it has gotten even easier. These shaped cut outs will help you create all the do it yourself party favors you can imagine! Shaped paper cut outs come...
  8. {Free Download} New Puppy Checklist

    {Free Download} New Puppy Checklist
    Bringing home a new puppy is always exciting. Those soft puppy kisses are the absolute sweetest!! With all of the fun a little dog brings - like the first time he tries to take off running on the hardwood floor - it is easy to forget a few essentials you will need after you get home. I know when I brought my adorable little fuzz ball home, I had a bag of food, a collar and every.single.toy in the store! It wasn't until a few days later I found myself...
  9. {Ruh-roh} Dog Moment #37 – Adventure Time!

    {Ruh-roh} Dog Moment #37 – Adventure Time!
    Our furbabies sit. Waiting. Watching. And as soon as we turn our backs, the adventure is on! Who knows what this brave duo will get into next - gotta love 'em.
  10. Dog Name Ideas: Top 10 for 2014

    Dog Name Ideas: Top 10 for 2014
    The top baby names of 2014  presented by nameberry.com got us thinking - What are the top 10 dog names for 2014? Find this year's favorites in the image below. Does your pooch's name land on this list? Give a shout out to your pup in the comments. by rudypies.

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