Puppy Parties

  1. Dogs of the Blog: Wesley

    Dogs of the Blog: Wesley
    Wesley is the leading authority on petiquette - the pup all well-behaved dogs have learned from and the one all rowdy dogs strive to be like. He will offer up the best training tips and behavior advice he has gained through the years. Wesley is always here to help. Wesley is a proper British canine. You would never find him playing in the mud or chewing on shoes, thank you very much. Instead, Wesley prefers curling up with his Mum by a roaring fire on a plaid pillow. Don’t get...
  2. Dogs of the Blog: Buttercup

    Dogs of the Blog: Buttercup
    Buttercup is WhenPoochComesToShove.com's fashionista. She knows everything there is to know about this season's latest in dog couture, clothes that were soooo last year and the hot new upcoming trends. Look to her for posts about all things in dog fashion. Buttercup is mommy’s little girl and loves being the center of attention. She’s a boisterous pup with a thirst for the extreme. She can often be found riding the vacuum cleaner around the house or chasing the neighbor’s St. Bernard, Mr. Blimp. She might be a small punch of...
  3. Get Party Trained: How to Host a Puppy Party

    Get Party Trained: How to Host a Puppy Party
    He's your best friend always waiting for you at the door. She's right there with a sloppy kiss when you feel sad. He might dig a hole every now and then, but it is only to find a treasure to bring home to you. She may find your shoes irresistible but, hey, who doesn't, right? They love us unconditionally, even at our worst. Give us smiles and bring joy to every day. WhenPoochComesToShove.com honors this unbreakable bond by offering the best dog party supplies for your puppy party. We understand...

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