Puppy Parties

  1. Hassle-Free Thanksgiving Ideas for Celebrating with your Pooch

    Hassle-Free Thanksgiving Ideas for Celebrating with your Pooch
    With Halloween over and all of the ghouls and goblins carefully packed away for another year, I’m sure many of you are shifting your thoughts to the fast-approaching Thanksgiving holiday. As you gather this year with your family and friends to give thanks for your many blessings, I thought I would share a few easy ways to make the day fun and festive for your furry friends as well. Start by taking your pet for a walk and a little exercise, this will help relieve some of the anxiety your...
  2. How to Throw a Pooch Pawty in 8 Easy Steps

    How to Throw a Pooch Pawty in 8 Easy Steps
    Nothing can be better than a puppy party so we have created an easy-to-follow video guide for throwing a great dog party. As you can see, we have a lot of fun at WhenPoochComesToShove.com - who wouldn't with all these puppies around?!?
  3. Dogs of the Blog: Meeko

    Meeko was born in Peru and traveled the United States in the back of a Jeep. He lived in San Francisco near the Fisherman’s Wharf until he hopped a plane to Wisconsin. Once he was perfectly party trained by the Expert Experts, he began dreaming up his own big dog party ideas. Meeko is now Top Dog at WhenPoochComesToShove.com. Age I am 5-years-old, which means I have 5 whole years of party training. Hobbies I love to bark “Hello!” to my favorite mailman. He always jumps with delight when he...
  4. {Free Printables} Photo Booth Props & Ideas

    {Free Printables} Photo Booth Props & Ideas
    A great photo booth with bright photo props will give you lasting memories of your dog birthday party or puppy shower. Mom party trained her friend to make this super cool photo booth for her fur-babies first bruffday. She used die-cut bone shapes and a plastic table cover to create a backdrop, and then gave the pawty guests a selection of photo booth props from the links below - Paws-down the best dog party photo booth I have seen! Treat your guests a spectacular photo booth by using our free...
  5. Dogs of the Blog: Lulu

    Dogs of the Blog: Lulu
    Lulu is an adopted dog that has found her forever home and is loving every minute of the ear rubs and belly scratches. She shares her story as she shows you the world of pet adoption. She will also show you her fantastic friends who are also looking for their forever homes. Lulu is a rescue dog that was adopted into her forever home with open arms by a caring family. She loves being part of the family so much that she always want to snuggle and often attempts to...
  6. Dogs of the Blog: Cleo the Cat

    Cleocatra M. Whiskernips, known as Cleo by the gang, is the resident WhenPoochComesToShove.com store cat. She insists cats are superior and has committed herself to getting them the same attention she sees her dog friends receiving. Follow her for insights into real puppy parties as she takes notes to make sure her fellow cats get equal celebrations once her mission is complete. Cleo is an honorary member of the Dogs of the Blog. Looking cute an innocent, she was allowed into the group without her true intentions being noticed...
  7. Dogs of the Blog: Hank

    Dogs of the Blog: Hank
    Hank is the oldest contributor to WhenPoochComesToShove.com. He has a zest for life and is an expert bruffday planner. Hank knows all the tips and tricks an old dog needs. He will share his secrets for aging with you as well as how to host a paw-mazing dog birthday party. Hank is a jolly old pup that loves living his life to the fullest on the farm. When he’s not doing chores with his Pa, he’s chasing the chickens and playing with the pigs. Hank is a huge fan of...
  8. Dogs of the Blog: Dodger

    Dogs of the Blog: Dodger
    Dodger is a young pup just learning the ropes around WhenPoochComesToShove.com. Every day is a new adventure for Dodger and he wants to share everything he has learned. From behavior, toys and treats, he will test it all and let you know the best puppy products out there. An adventurous hound dog, he’s still a young pup that sometimes let’s his curiosity gets the best of him. While his mom was throwing his puppy shower, he found his puppy cake early and ate it all himself. He learned the hard...
  9. Bake-It-Yourself Dog Party Cake Mix

    Bake-It-Yourself Dog Party Cake Mix
    Mom said she is getting me the same dog cake we had at Thor's puppy shower - I am super-excited she decided to make a dog party cake especially for me but, between you and I, it concerned me that it would take so much time she would forget about our nightly snuggles in the chair. Thor said his Mom made his bone-shaped cake so fast, he didn't even get a chance to beg to lick the bowl! Puppy Cakes come in 2 flavors. Mom decided to get the Peanut...
  10. Dog Party Ideas: Puppy Pawty Music

    Dog Party Ideas: Puppy Pawty Music
    Listen to the complete playlist here. Having a great playlist is a paw-some dog party idea. We have searched high and low, listened until our ears perked and found the best songs about dogs for your puppy party playlist. Tail-wagging tunes will help set the stage for your puppy party. Add these music suggestions to your party playlist for a barking-good time. This dog party playlist is a wonderful complement to Lucky Dog Musical Chairs, as well as will work wonderfully as background music to get everyone in the pawty...

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