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  • Posted on December 23, 2013 by Meeko ThePooch

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    One of the biggest challenges when raising a puppy is dealing with all of the chewing they do in the teething stage. You may think it’s hard but consider your puppy’s perspective! For almost a year of our lives, we are dealing with major changes inside of our mouths! First, the baby teeth come in when we are only 8 weeks old, then those teeth fall out and we get even more teeth than before. It’s tough, but we have to deal with it somehow. That is why I chew.


    So when do puppies lose their teeth? Yes, we do loose our teeth just like your human kids and go through a teething stage. Beginning at about 3 months of age, your puppy will start losing their teeth. By 7 months, your puppy should have all of their adult teeth. In this time, there is a lot going on their mouth and we need you to keep an eye on things. You need to make sure the teeth coming in normally. Ensure that the baby teeth are falling out to make way for the adult teeth, make sure two teeth are not crowded into a space, and check that there is no food stuck in their teeth. All of these could cause major dental problems.

    Another question: where do the baby teeth go? Honestly, I don’t know. They fall out anywhere and anytime. The lost teeth will end up being swallowed, lost and wedged in toys. There’s no telling where you will find a tiny puppy tooth, but don’t worry they are harmless.ChewChewChew

    Through this teething process you will see LOTS of chewing. It hurts! Puppies love to chew to soothe the pain and this should be encouraged but make sure that you have the proper chewing devices. During teething, your puppy may target all kinds of unexpected objects to gnaw on to relieve the discomfort. Keep household items out of reach and don’t give them anything that can damage their teeth. I would recommend durable chew toys and plenty of them. Or ICE CUBES! I love ice cubes. They are fun to play with and they feel so good on my sore gums.

    As for dental hygiene, you do not need to brush your puppy’s teeth while they are under two years old, especially during the change from puppy to adult teeth. Your puppy’s gums are too soft and this can cause bleeding. So don’t push the brushing just yet!

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  • Posted on December 20, 2013 by Michelle Thatcher

    Scratch That Itch
    Thomas Hawk / Foter.com / CC BY

    When I think of Winter three words come to mind: Dry Itchy Skin.  I'm sure most of you are aware that those three little words can be a BIG problem during the Winter months, what you may not be aware of is that dogs can suffer from the same condition.  While Winter is the most common reason for dry itchy skin in dogs, there are several other factors such as medical condition, poor diet choices and hygiene that can be contributing factors as well.



    With Winter fast approaching here are a few simple tips that will help your dog from suffering with Dry Itchy Skin this season.

    Thruhike98 / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-SA


    It is important to keep your dog clean, but over bathing them can deplete their fur of essential oils.  When bathing be sure and use an oatmeal or vitamin E based shampoo and always follow with a rinse or conditioner specifically formulated for dogs. After their bath, pat them dry with a towel (never rub as this may irritate their skin more), apply baby or olive oil to their fur and wrap them in a warm towel as this will let the oil penetrate into their fur.





    • Pay close attention to your dogs diet. A diet high in protein and one that contains Omega-3 will ensure your dogs fur is healthy and their skin moist.  Certain grains and fillers found in cheaper brand dog foods can lead to allergies and dry itchy skin.  A meat-based dog food is going to be your best option when selecting dog food.
    • The fatty acids in fish oil  are another easy way to help keep your dogs skin and fur soft and moist.  Apply fish oil directly to your dogs skin, working it through their fur to help moisten their skin and relieve any itching problems.
    • The humidity levels in your home can also contribute to your dogs dry skin problems.  During the winter months as we use the heat in our homes the humidity levels drop.  Adding a humidifier to your home will add additional moisture to the air and also decrease the chance your dog will suffer from dry itchy skin.
    • Lastly a daily brushing will stimulate the natural oils in your dogs fur and keep their skin in good condition.

    While I'm sure there are hundreds of solutions out there, following these simple steps will help keep your dogs fur and skin in tip top shape during the dry cold winter months.

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  • Posted on December 17, 2013 by Meeko ThePooch

    Friends of Meeko the Pooch: Blog Posts #PuppyShowers #DogBirthdayParties #PuppyPawties

    Watch out Tyra, America has found it's next top model, who can smize with his adorable puppy-dog eyes.  The fetching fashion-forward dog goes by the name of Bodhi. Bodhi is a four-year-old Shiba Inu who lives in NYC, who lists his interests as "never washing his selvage denim, lurking around Soho for someone to notice his steez, and sniffing fine a$$ bitches". This dog has swagger, but how could he not, considering he can pull off menswear better than... well, most men.

    Menswear Dog: Why This Dapper Dog is Best in Show #MenswearDog #DogFashion #PoochPawty

    How did this top dog come-to-be, you ask? His owners, David Fung, a graphic designer, and his wife, Yena Kim, a fashion designer, thought it would be funny to start an internet meme by dressing their pup in ridiculous menswear outfits (not that I think dressing dogs in clothes is ridiculous, in fact, just the opposite). Using their design backgrounds and killer fashion sense, they started a tumblr called Menswear Dog. After only a few posts, they got calls from GQ and Anderson Cooper's people. David and Yena quit their jobs to run Menswear Dog full-time.

    The best part about Menswear Dog is that he doesn't just "sit pretty". Oh no - he's also great at dishing out fashion advice, with such articles as a Holiday Gift Guide, The Four Types of Hats Every Man Should Own and (my personal fav) Ryan Gosling's 6 Most Stylish Moments. Before Fashion Week, Menswear Dog shared his 10 Fetching Fashion Tips with Mashable. He says, "Do You. If you feel stupid, you're going to look stupid. Style is about wearing things with confidence. If it doesn't make you feel good, don't wear it." Bodhi's owner, David, even admitted, "I wear all of his hand-me-downs. It's kind of embarrassing."

    Menswear Dog: Why This Dapper Dog is Best in Show #MenswearDog #DogFashion #PoochPawty

    As you're reading this, you're probably having a hard time taking this all seriously. I mean, it is a dog wearing a man's clothing (and expensive designer clothing), but the Menswear Dog team is as funny as they are fashionable. He has dressed to mimic Barking Bad (Breaking Bad), Bark to the Future (Back to the Future), Dog Punk (Daft Punk) and Mad Dog (Mad Men). This dog is quickly rising to the top with over 72,000 instagram followers and more than 21,000 facebook fans. He's landing top-model gigs and taking social media by storm. Find him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr.

    What's next for Menswear Dog? They are preparing a book "Menswear Dog: A Dog's Guide To Being A Man" as well as a canine fashion line. You can guarantee that when the book signing tour comes to town, I will be the first pup in line for a pawtograph!

    Menswear Dog: Why This Dapper Dog is Best in Show #MenswearDog #DogFashion #PoochPawty

    All images from Menswear Dog's Tumblr

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  • Posted on December 16, 2013 by Randi McMorran

    Oh, the joys of getting a new puppy!  If you're thinking about getting your first puppy or have just brought one home, hopefully I can offer some helpful advice for you. I recently brought home a puppy myself and reality hit fast. If you’re anything like me, I had no idea how much work a new puppy truly is.  I was expecting all cuddles and cuteness with a new puppy; but it is all fun and games until puppy has its 10th accident on the carpet and chews up the corner of your couch. Yes, it does happen. Here are just 5 pointers I have for you first time puppy owners:Advice from a New Puppy Owner

    Be Ready! I know you’re excited, but make sure that you’re prepared.  Have all of the puppy supplies ready before you bring your new best friend home. Most importantly make sure you have; food, bowls, leash, collar, bed, toys and treats. Also, a kennel if you plan on crate training your puppy. There will be other things you need along the way, but make sure that you have the necessities first.

    Hide Everything! Puppies want to chew on anything and everything that they can get a hold of. Keep anything that you don’t want chewed on off of the floor; for example: cords, shoes, pillows, glasses, laundry etc. We went through so many socks when first got our puppy! Make sure that you have plenty of chew toys out, so your little monster doesn’t get creative and chew on things they shouldn’t.

    Walk, walk, walk! Give your puppy LOTS of exercise. They have so much energy that needs to be released and a long walk is the best way to do it. This will help them from getting stir crazy in the house and behave better too. It  makes for a nice nap time later and even sleeping through the night.

    Visit the vet! This is so important for new dog owners. I cannot tell you how much I have learned from my vet. Make sure that all of your puppy’s vaccinations are up to date and ASK QUESTIONS. There are no stupid questions when you’re a new dog owner. For instance, I had no clue that puppies lose their teeth! Luckily, that came up while talking with my vet before her teeth actually started falling out.

    Patience is Key! Dogs are very intuitive and feed off of your emotions. It takes time to get your puppy house trained and into your daily routine.  Don’t scold your puppy or yell at them, they won’t know what they are doing wrong. They will learn best through positive reinforcement, so give them praise or a treat when they do something right instead.

    Cuddle time! This is why you got the adorable little fuzzball in the first place, right? Cuddle with your pooch and hold them! This will get them used to being handled from an early age, and not be threatened by it when they’re older. Not only is this fun for you, but it will also create a bond between you and your new companion.

    In conclusion, spend time with your new puppy, keep them healthy, and show them lots of love! In return, your puppy will be loyal, friendly and totally lovable. It may take some time with your new puppy, but it is worth it, I promise! Good luck to all of you new puppy parents out there!

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  • Posted on December 13, 2013 by Brenda Knutson

    Positive Reinforcement Training - Four on the Floor

    When trying to stop dogs from jumping up, most people try to correct the behavior by using punishment. With positive reinforcement, however, you want to focus on what you want your dog to do rather than what you want them not to do. So, when teaching your dog not to jump up, you want to reward your dog for having all four feet on the floor.

    In order to make the Four on the Floor behavior work, you will need to do the following things: 1) Teach your dog that keeping all four feet on the floor will bring them rewards, 2) Reward your dog for not jumping up and 3) Ignore him when he does jump up.

    Set your dog up for success by having treats ready in your hand before greeting him at the door. When he approaches you, set the treat on the floor by you before he jumps up. Continue placing treats on the floor as long as he keeps his four feet on the floor. The rewards he receives when he has Four on the Floor will cause him to want to repeat that behavior.

    If your dog does jump up, immediately withdraw all your attention, including saying anything or even looking at your dog. Turn your back, and cross your arms so your hands are nowhere near him. A common and automatic reaction to a dog jumping up is to say “No!” however any attention will cause the dog to jump up again. When he returns to Four on the Floor, you can give your dog attention again. Then step back, and if he keeps all four paws on the floor you can then reward him with a treat.

    You will also need to work with others that come in contact with your dog. Ask them to only give him attention when there are Four on the Floor, and to remove their attention when he jumps. This will teach your dog that jumping up never works to get attention or rewards, whether on you or on others, and that the Four on the Floor behavior does.

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  • Posted on December 12, 2013 by Stephanie Pronschinske

    Puppy pawties are not just about entertaining your four-legged party guests, its also about having a barking good time with your two-legged friends.

    Even though the star of the pawty is the bruffday pooch or new family member, it is a good idea to look at who is invited to pawty and make sure there is entertainment for everyone (kids, dogs, cats, adults, etc).

    Here are some entertainment ideas that will ensure your human friends will have a barking good time.

    Bloody Mary Bar:

    Bloody Mary Bar Ideas & Printable Straw Tags

    Who doesn’t love a good Bloody Mary topped with delicious goodies? Bloody Mary bars are a new trend that will add some extra spice to your pawty. To set-up a Blood Mary bar start by finding all sorts of goodies for your guests to put in their Bloody Marys; such as pickles, olives, jerky sticks, cheese and mushrooms. Display the Bloody Mary toppings on a buffet with glasses, straws, Blood Mary mix, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, and seasonings. Having one table with all the ingredients to make a Blood Mary will make it easy for your guests to make their drink and the display will look pawmazing. Pssst..Dont' forget to use our downloadable straw flags to decorate your Bloody Mary glasses and straws.

    {Pawsome Idea} What type of Blood Marys will your guests create? Give an award to the pawty guest with the must creative Bloody Mary.

    Printable Party Straw Flags

    Can you say Jenga? Get out the Giant Jenga. 

    Have a game or two that your human friends can play. One of my favorite games to play at parties with my friends is Jenga. The giant Jenga’s are my new favs.  The competition can get very intense.

    {Pawsome Ideas} Have a competition bracket of players and find out who is the ultimate Jenga champion.  Or write truth and dares on the Jenga blocks, and have the person who pulls that Jenga block complete that truth or dare.

    Say Cheese! Create a Photo Booth.

    Printable Photo Booth Props

    Photo booths are a fun way to entertain your four-legged and two-legged friends at your pawty.  Your guests will be waiting in-line to get a snapshot to remember your pawty. We have free printable photo booth props to make setting-up your booth a cinch. Click here to download your photo booth props.

    Sit back, relax, enjoy a Bloody Mary and play some games! Happy Pawtying!

    This item is for personal use only. Big Dot of Happiness retains all rights. This item may not be copied, shared, forwarded, sold or distributed.

    Copyright Big Dot Of Happiness, LLC.

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  • Posted on December 10, 2013 by Meeko ThePooch

    Meeko the Pooch Blog Posts #PuppyShowers #DogBirthdayParties #PuppyPawties

    All the class with just a touch of sass, Dog Silhouettes party theme is a fashionable choice for any kind of pooch party. Featuring an orange houndstooth pattern and silhouettes of familiar dog breeds, the timeless design is perfect for any puppy shower, dog birthday party or company event.

    Dog Shilhouettes Party Theme #PoochPawty #DogBirthdayPaty #PuppyShower

    As official WhenPoochComesToShove.com pawty dog, I know what your 4-legged friends love - and you will really get your guests barking for more when you offer each pup a Dog Silhouettes Dog Party Pooch Pack. Pooch packs are a great way to make sure every pup at your party has what they need to make them comfortable. Slurp and Chew dishes will let them chow down whenever they choose, a bow-tie will get them in the festive mood, and a treat and toy to use at the party or take home for later is just super exciting no matter what kind of dog you are!

    Dog Shilhouettes Party Theme #PoochPawty #DogBirthdayPaty #PuppyShower

    For the 2-legged guests, the Dog Silhouettes party theme has plenty of tags and favors to choose from so Mom is sure to not forget anyone. Custom party tags and circle stickers are a great way to dress up do-it-yourself dog party favors and crafts. And, patterned bone-shaped cutouts are in the exact colors of the Dog Silhouettes theme so Mom can really get crazy with her puppy party decorating ideas!

    Dog Shilhouettes Party Theme #PoochPawty #DogBirthdayPaty #PuppyShower

    Dog Silhouettes party theme is a classic that will never go out of style so go ahead and get the pawty started. With so many dog party supplies to choose from, you and your Mom are going to have a blast planning your pooch pawty!


    Shop Dog Silhouettes Party Decorations #DogPartyIdeas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty
    Dog Silhouettes Custom Party Invitations #DogPartyIdeas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty Dog Silhouetted Pooch Pack Favor Kit #DogPartyIdeas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty Dog Silhouettes Party Treat Boxes #DogPartyIdeas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty Dog Silhouettes Custom Tags #DogPartyIdeas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty

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  • Posted on December 9, 2013 by Meeko ThePooch

    Friends of Meeko the Pooch: Blog Posts #PuppyShowers #DogBirthdayParties #PuppyPawties

    After I got adopted, I loved being around my new family so much that I hated when they left me. When I would get left alone, I would get nervous and would do start doing bad things. I would sometimes chew on stuff I knew I wasn’t suppose to, dig & scratch at doors, windows and carpet, whine and bark... a lot and even have an accident or two around the house. My mom was getting really upset with me until she realized that I had separation anxiety. I guess that means that I panic and freak out when I'm left alone.

    Managing Separation Anxiety - #PoochPawty

    My family did a lot of things to help me thru my anxiety. They started by not make a big deal about leaving and coming home. When they came home, they would wait a few minutes before giving me a pet or two instead of paying attention to me right away. It helped me to see that them coming and going isn’t a big deal. My mom started leaving me with an old sweatshirt that smells just like her. I love to cuddle up with it and it makes me feel like she’s right there! They also started to say the same thing every time they left the house. After a while, I started to realize that every time they said it, it meant they were leaving for a little while then coming back. Best of all, my mom got me this super cool Kong toy that holds a treat. It’s something that I KONG Dog Toy - Petco #PoochPawty #DogToys #Kongcan chew on forever and it takes me a while to get the treat out. She says that it helps keep me busy while they’re gone but I think it’s just because she loves me that much!

    I’m glad she realized I had separation anxiety and that I wasn't being a bad dog on purpose. With the help of my family, I’ve gotten my anxiety under control! Now that they don’t have to spend all that time picking up my mess, they have more time to spoil me with love!

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  • Posted on December 3, 2013 by Yvette Falkner

    Elderly Dog Care #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawtyEvery morning our dog anxiously awaits me letting him outside for his potty break. I usually have enough time to get dressed and then head back to the door to find him waiting to be let back in. Unfortunately, this morning he wasn't there. I was in the backyard hollering away and unfortunately, he still didn’t come back. After an hour of searching the neighborhood, I had to go home empty-handed. Worse, I had to go to work not knowing where he was. Luckily, he keeps his collar on and I knew as soon as he made friends with someone I would hopefully get a call.

    By lunch I had a neighbor call and said he was visiting at her house. I raced to go get him. When I got there, I hollered from across the street for him to get in the truck like normal and no movement. I hollered again, and nothing. The polite neighbor made the comment “I noticed he doesn't hear unless you are right next to him.” As I approached him and talked to him, he realized it was me. Shocked, I put him in the vehicle and thanked her for calling and we went home. Sure enough after we were home I tested the distance between us and unfortunately, the neighbor was right, he clearly couldn’t hear me from far away.

    Now it wasn’t right for him to run out of the yard, but he definitely didn’t hear me calling him. The last couple days, for his safety and ours, he is on a tie out when we let him out in the backyard. He can still hear us from this distance and it keeps him safe. We live in a nice, quiet neighborhood, but occasionally have people drive by and all I could think about is if he can’t hear me, he can’t hear a car either. My husband and I discussed the situation that night and we realized he unfortunately has been losing his hearing for the last couple months. Sharing our stories, we realized this is not new.

    Again, here we go denial. We both are head over heels in love
    with our dog and we tend to overlook his poor eyesight and hearing, strange behaviors, etc. Now realizing our best buddy needs more attention than ever, we will do whatever it takes to make sure he is safe!

    Here are some helpful tips of how to help your dog with his hearing loss - located under “Help for Hearing Loss in Older Pets:”


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  • Posted on December 2, 2013 by Michelle Thatcher

    Chevron Boy Bruffday Dog Party Theme #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyShower #PoochPawtyIf you think parties are just for kids you've probably never owned a puppy. Puppy parties are becoming increasingly popular, from puppy showers to bruffday birthday paw-ty's, the skies the limit when it comes to celebrating your furry friends special day. Take for example this Chevron Boy Bruffday Theme from www.WhenPoochComesToShove.com

    Invitations and Favors for Puppy Parties #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty

    This amazing Chevron Theme includes everything you'll need to be the hostess hero at your puppy's big day. From bone shaped invitations to favors, party hats, banners and tableware, your furry four-legged friends won't be the only ones begging to get in on the fun.

    Get Party Trained: How to Throw a Puppy Party #PuppyShower #PoochPawty #DogBirthdayParty

    Wondering how to put such a fantastic party like this altogether, www.WhenPoochComesToShove.com has put together an AMAZING video where you'll learn how to throw a Pooch Paw-ty in eight easy steps.


    Shop Chevron Boy Dog Party Decorations #DogPartyIdeas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty
    Chevron Boy Dog Party Bone Shaped Cut Outs #DogPartyIdeas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty Chevron Boy Dog Party Pooch Pack Favor Kit #DogPartyIdeas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty Chevron Boy Dog Party Custom Banner #DogPartyIdeas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty Chevron Boy Dog Party Custom Treat Boxes #DogPartyIdeas #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty

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