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Holiday Safety for Pets: Hazards Around the House

With gifts to wrap, meals the plan, and lists to complete, it is a fun but overwhelming time of year. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, my house turns into Santa's workshop with gift wrap, tape and ribbon on the dining room table; a tree full of festive decorations in the living room; and a guest room hiding spot for super-secret toys. With all of the crazy happening, it is easy to forget the pet hazards that all of this holiday fun leaves behind.

Pet Safety: Holiday Hazards for Dogs #PoochPawty Pet Safety: Holiday Hazards for Dogs #PoochPawty

My furbaby is an old guy who lays around most of the day, gets up to eat and has to be coaxed outside to potty. He doesn't play much and doesn't get into too much trouble anymore. BUT - this time of year he rolls the age-clock back and turns into a puppy. I don't know why - maybe it is just the hustle and bustle that gets him excited, but once every year we get blindsided and come home to a living room disaster reminding us of the dangers this time of year brings.

This weekend we came home to candy wrappers ALL OVER! St. Nick arrived on Friday, treats were opened on Saturday morning, and then we left for the parade. That furmonster tore into packages of peanuts and wrappers of taffy - Thankfully it wasn't anything on the list of holiday hazards!

Please, share this list so everyone know of the holiday dangers in their home. It is a good reminder of what to keep away from your dog and a great reference in case an accident happens so you know the signs and symptoms.

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