Pet Grooming

  1. How to Dog Proof Your Garden

    How to Dog Proof Your Garden
    There may still be snow on the ground here at When Pooch Comes to Shove headquarters but that doesn't mean the gardening hasn't begun. From yummy vegetable gardens to fabulous floral displays, the delicate little seedlings are being started. Nestled in the tiny greenhouses, soaking up sunshine from the warm indoors, each little guy will find a home outside as soon as the threat of frost is gone. BUT - then the threat of d-o-g is upon them. The soft ground and smells of spring are hard to resist for...
  2. Preparing Your Pets for Spring - The Clock is Ticking!!

    Preparing Your Pets for Spring - The Clock is Ticking!!
    Well the groundhog seen its shadow and the verdict is in.  SIX more weeks of Winter!! Forty two days or exactly 1008 hours before Spring makes its grand entrance. For pet owners that means we have 60,480 minutes to get our furry friends ready for warmer weather. The clock is ticking 3,628,800 seconds to go, are you ready? Here are some important things to keep in mind as you prepare your four-legged friends for Spring. NontrivialMatt / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND Schedule a Check-Up:   A visit to your vet will ensure...

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