Creating goodie bags that perfectly coordinate with your baby shower or birthday party theme is super easy with a few craft supplies and personalized squiggle stickers. Place them in rows at the front of your candy buffet for an extra special display or add individual treats to each place setting. Either way, your guests will adore these personalized bags – and you will shine as the Hostess Hero!DIY Treat Bags

To make paper treat bags, you will need:

Flat Paper Merchandise Bags in a size appropriate for your treats


Personalized Squiggle Stickers

Hole Punch

To make paper treat bags, simply fill each bag with candy, trail mix or other delicious party favor, and fold the top over. Punch two holes at the center, thread with your coordinating ribbon, and tie to close. Top off each bag with a personalized squiggle sticker in your party’s theme and you have an amazing addition to any table.Do It Yourself Treat Bags

To make clear treat bags, you will need:

Clear Treat Bags in a size appropriate for your treats

Patterned Paper or Scrapbook Paper

Personalized Squiggle Stickers


To make clear treat bags, fill the same as the paper and fold the top over. Cut a rectangle of patterned paper a smidge bigger than the width of the bag and a bit longer than double the fold length. The paper will cover both the front and back of the fold, hence the double length. Fold you paper in the middle and over the top of the clear bags. Staple shut and add a personalized squiggle sticker to the font.

Display one version of these personalized treat bags or use them together to add extra interest to your tables. Either way, you’re on your way to being a remarkable Hostess Hero with this tip.

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