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  1. Bake-It-Yourself Dog Party Cake Mix

    Bake-It-Yourself Dog Party Cake Mix
    Mom said she is getting me the same dog cake we had at Thor's puppy shower - I am super-excited she decided to make a dog party cake especially for me but, between you and I, it concerned me that it would take so much time she would forget about our nightly snuggles in the chair. Thor said his Mom made his bone-shaped cake so fast, he didn't even get a chance to beg to lick the bowl! Puppy Cakes come in 2 flavors. Mom decided to get the Peanut...
  2. Dog Party Ideas: Puppy Pawty Music

    Dog Party Ideas: Puppy Pawty Music
    Listen to the complete playlist here. Having a great playlist is a paw-some dog party idea. We have searched high and low, listened until our ears perked and found the best songs about dogs for your puppy party playlist. Tail-wagging tunes will help set the stage for your puppy party. Add these music suggestions to your party playlist for a barking-good time. This dog party playlist is a wonderful complement to Lucky Dog Musical Chairs, as well as will work wonderfully as background music to get everyone in the pawty...
  3. Get Party Trained: How to Host a Puppy Party

    Get Party Trained: How to Host a Puppy Party
    He's your best friend always waiting for you at the door. She's right there with a sloppy kiss when you feel sad. He might dig a hole every now and then, but it is only to find a treasure to bring home to you. She may find your shoes irresistible but, hey, who doesn't, right? They love us unconditionally, even at our worst. Give us smiles and bring joy to every day. honors this unbreakable bond by offering the best dog party supplies for your puppy party. We understand...

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