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  1. Entertainment For Your Two-Legged Friends

    Entertainment For Your Two-Legged Friends
    Puppy pawties are not just about entertaining your four-legged party guests, its also about having a barking good time with your two-legged friends. Even though the star of the pawty is the bruffday pooch or new family member, it is a good idea to look at who is invited to pawty and make sure there is entertainment for everyone (kids, dogs, cats, adults, etc). Here are some entertainment ideas that will ensure your human friends will have a barking good time. Bloody Mary Bar: Who doesn’t love a good Bloody...
  2. Celebrate with Classic Houndstooth & Dog Silhouettes Party Theme

    Celebrate with Classic Houndstooth & Dog Silhouettes Party Theme
    All the class with just a touch of sass, Dog Silhouettes party theme is a fashionable choice for any kind of pooch party. Featuring an orange houndstooth pattern and silhouettes of familiar dog breeds, the timeless design is perfect for any puppy shower, dog birthday party or company event. As official pawty dog, I know what your 4-legged friends love - and you will really get your guests barking for more when you offer each pup a Dog Silhouettes Dog Party Pooch Pack. Pooch packs are a great way...
  3. Chevron Boy Puppy Party Celebrations!

    If you think parties are just for kids you've probably never owned a puppy. Puppy parties are becoming increasingly popular, from puppy showers to bruffday birthday paw-ty's, the skies the limit when it comes to celebrating your furry friends special day. Take for example this Chevron Boy Bruffday Theme from This amazing Chevron Theme includes everything you'll need to be the hostess hero at your puppy's big day. From bone shaped invitations to favors, party hats, banners and tableware, your furry four-legged friends won't be the only ones begging...
  4. Dogs Have All The Fun: Leopard Dog Party Theme

    Dogs Have All The Fun: Leopard Dog Party Theme
    Have you SEEN this dog party Mom went to? Can you believe how amazing Ruby's birthday celebration was? She is one lucky dog - cats never get anything this special for their birthdays. Mom showed me these pictures - everything was customized just for Ruby. On display, front and center, she had a large Leopard-print poster announcing that is was her special day (as if no one knew...). She had cupcake wrappers with a Leopard pattern that complimented her puppy cake perfectly! The treats were dressed up with Leopard print...
  5. A Piece of {puppy} Cake!!

    So your favorite furry friend is another year older and it's time to start thinking about a celebration complete with birthday cake. Yes that's right, birthday cake! Although the exact number is unknown, some data suggests that as many as 65% of dog owners celebrate their pets special day. So when it comes to cake for your dogs birthday - do you make one from scratch, buy a box mix or opt for a store bought puppy cake? If you still can't decide well - Let's Talk Cake!! For those...
  6. Dog Party Ideas: Puppy Pawty Games

    Dog Party Ideas: Puppy Pawty Games
    What's a pawty without games? Pet-centric party games are a good way to break the ice, and get the pooches and humans mingling with each other at your puppy shower or bruffday party. Puppy Pawty Game Ideas: Give a Dog a Bone and Spoon Race Show off how well you and your pooch work together by having a give a dog a bone and spoon race at the party. Here’s how to play: Start by giving each dog/human pair a spoon and doggy treat. Place the treat on the spoon...
  7. Pawty Plannin' with Erik & Matt: Unique Dog Party Ideas

    Pawty Plannin' with Erik & Matt: Unique Dog Party Ideas
    Mom is really going to get tails wagging with these unique dog party ideas. Erik & Matt gave her some great ideas in their Pawty Plannin' video - from clever doggie bags with custom tags to match my dog party theme to candy treats for all of my human friends, this video gave her a ton of ideas to make my dog party one-of-a-kind. They even showed her how to make an easy photobooth backdrop for the party - perfect for these free downloadable photo props I have!
  8. Hassle-Free Thanksgiving Ideas for Celebrating with your Pooch

    Hassle-Free Thanksgiving Ideas for Celebrating with your Pooch
    With Halloween over and all of the ghouls and goblins carefully packed away for another year, I’m sure many of you are shifting your thoughts to the fast-approaching Thanksgiving holiday. As you gather this year with your family and friends to give thanks for your many blessings, I thought I would share a few easy ways to make the day fun and festive for your furry friends as well. Start by taking your pet for a walk and a little exercise, this will help relieve some of the anxiety your...
  9. How to Throw a Pooch Pawty in 8 Easy Steps

    How to Throw a Pooch Pawty in 8 Easy Steps
    Nothing can be better than a puppy party so we have created an easy-to-follow video guide for throwing a great dog party. As you can see, we have a lot of fun at - who wouldn't with all these puppies around?!?
  10. {Free Printables} Photo Booth Props & Ideas

    {Free Printables} Photo Booth Props & Ideas
    A great photo booth with bright photo props will give you lasting memories of your dog birthday party or puppy shower. Mom party trained her friend to make this super cool photo booth for her fur-babies first bruffday. She used die-cut bone shapes and a plastic table cover to create a backdrop, and then gave the pawty guests a selection of photo booth props from the links below - Paws-down the best dog party photo booth I have seen! Treat your guests a spectacular photo booth by using our free...

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