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  1. {Puppy Love} Minnesota Boxer Rescue Dog Wedding

    {Puppy Love} Minnesota Boxer Rescue Dog Wedding
    We believe that all dogs deserve a pawty and couldn't think of any more deserving than the wonderful pups at Minnesota Boxer Rescue. When we heard they were having a dog wedding - no, a DOUBLE dog wedding - we just had to be a part of the celebration. To help raise funds for this hard-working, all-volunteer rescue organization, donated two dog parties in a box for the raffle. Chevron Boy bruffday party theme and Leopard dog party theme were featured and each party pack included tableware, party hats...
  2. Look Who's Barking: Dog Milk

    Look Who's Barking: Dog Milk
    Omigosh omigosh omigosh! Our tails are STILL wagging with excitement from the post Dog Milk did on our themed dog party supplies. Dog Milk is a website that curates modern and unique design for all things dog. has followed Dog Milk for some time and it is a respected resource in our dog house. To be featured on their blog is an honor we couldn't have imagined until it happened. You could hear all of us barking with joy as we gathered around a computer monitor, seeing OUR products...
  3. Homemade Valentine's Day Dog Treat Recipe

    Homemade Valentine's Day Dog Treat Recipe
    Making your own treats for you dogs is great for your their health and for your budget. Homemade treats also gives you the chance to dress them up and makes them perfect for a Valentine's Day treat or any puppy party like we did here. We used paw-shaped & mini heart-shaped cookie cutters to make an adorable treat to make your dog's heart skip a beat. Here's how we made them! Valentine's Day Dog Treat Recipe What You'll Need 2 cups of Whole Wheat Flour 2 Different Flavors of 4...
  4. {Recipe} Doggy Biscuits For Your Puppy Party

    {Recipe} Doggy Biscuits For Your Puppy Party
    An important part of entertaining your two-legged and four-legged friends at any party is having treats. The dogs at the party will be drooling over these dog biscuit that are perfect for treats at a puppy shower or dog birthday party, or you can use the biscuits as party favors. {Puppy Party Favor Idea} Use ribbon to tie a bone shaped cut-out or circle party tags around the dog biscuits and pass these delicious dog biscuits out to your guests as party favors. {Dog Biscuit Recipe} What You’ll Need 1...
  5. {Free Printable} Buffet Table Signs

    {Free Printable} Buffet Table Signs
    Make sure you tell your guests which delicious goodies are for your furbabies and which ones are for your human friends with these free printable buffet table signs. Designed to perfectly match our Leopard Dog Party Theme, each free party printable comes with one sign for your 4-legged friends and one sign for your 2-legged friends - simply print out a many pages as you need for your treat tables! Want this exact look? We used white frames found here to make our signs stand out. These white frames can...
  6. Party Training: Custom Dog Party Banners

    Party Training: Custom Dog Party Banners
    He looks at you with big eyes, begging you to read his mind and give him a treat from the jar - no, not that one, the chewy ones in the other jar. He knows. You can’t fool that pup. She wags her tail and tilts her head, waiting for an extra-long ear rub she knows is coming soon. Leaning into your legs, they silently give us their heart, their unconditional love and their comfort. They are your best friend and they deserve a PAWTY! No proper party is complete...
  7. Homemade Goodies for Your Kitty: Cat Treat Recipe

    This easy homemade cat treat recipe is perfect for spoiling that fuzzy furbaby you share your lap with. Best of all, you probably already have most of the ingredients. These cat treats also make pawsome party favors - Don't forget your feline friends that didn't come to your puppy party! Homemade Cat Treat Ingredient List: Cleocatra M. Whiskernips' Cat Chow 1 3-oz jar wet cat food (I used Seafood Fancy Feast but a can of tuna would work as well) 1/4 cup catnip 1 cup brown whole wheat flour 1/2...
  8. Pawty Animal Contest Winners

    Pawty Animal Contest Winners
    Congratulations to Bella! She is the lucky winner of a $150 pooch party - hopefully we will be seeing photos of her grand celebration after it is over. This photo contest was a barking good time, for sure! Be sure to like us on Facebook and subscribe to the blog to be the first in the pack to know when the next contest is.
  9. Pawty Animal {Dog Photo Contest}

    Pawty Animal {Dog Photo Contest}
    Our tails are wagging with excitement - our first dog photo contest is officially open to all of you pawty animals. We are a pawsome place where humans go to get party trained and we want to see your pups in action. One lucky dog will WIN A $150 POOCH PAWTY! Six runners-up will win a “doggy bag” full of treats. Submit one photo of your dog - we know your phone is full of them - by email to before Thursday, January 16th at 11:59 p.m. CST. See...
  10. Pooch Pawty Must-Have: Custom Tags

    Pooch Pawty Must-Have: Custom Tags
    Nothing makes a pooch pawty more perfect than the pup of honor's name being on display. Customizing your party decorations with round tags will make it seem like you spent days crafting and have your two-legged guests begging for your party secret. Read on to get party trained and be the envy of every pup at the park. 1. Delicious Doggy Bags // Make your dog party favors as delightful on the outside as they are inside. Fill brown lunch sacks with chews and treats for the pups to take...

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