Big Dotter Suzanne used her kitchen savvy to put a new twist on a traditional White Chocolate Fudge recipe.

She started with a plain White Chocolate Fudge recipe, like this one, then added flavored Sticklettes candies to make it her own.Fruity Fudge Recipe

You will need:

Favorite White Chocolate Fudge Recipe

50 Sticklettes Candies

Blender or Food Processor

Zip-Top Storage Baggie

Hammer and an Enthusiastic Helper

Set aside:

10-15 Sticklettes Candies

Zip-Top Storage Baggie

Hammer and your Enthusiastic Helper

Prepare your favorite White Chocolate Fudge recipe up to the point of refrigeration and set aside.

Put remaining Sticklettes candies (about 35) into a blender or food processor and reduce to a powder; Sift out chunks and incorporate into your White Chocolate Fudge mixture. Pour into a shallow dish or pan to set.

Now it’s Hammer Time! Place the Sticklettes you set aside earlier into a zip-top storage baggie. Your Enthusiastic Helper has been patiently waiting for their chore so hand them the hammer and let them go to town crushing each candy into coarse pieces. Add the Sticklettes chunks to the top of the poured fudge mixture and let it set up.

This recipe works best if the Sticklettes-Infused White Chocolate Fudge sets overnight. The fruity candy flavor will intensify into the chocolate and make a melt-in-your-mouth treat for your event.

How have you used flavored candies to create unique party treats?

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