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1-2 Months Prior to the Baby Shower

  • Talk to Mommy-To-Be and decide on the date for the baby shower
  • Choose a location for the shower, and call for a reservation if necessary
  • Pick a baby shower theme and order baby shower invitations
  • Decide who will be invited and create a guest list with addresses
  • Plan the baby shower games
  • Start a grocery list of food and drinks you plan to serve or call and make arrangements with a caterer.

2-3 Weeks Prior to the Baby Shower

One Week Prior to the Baby Shower

  • Gather chairs and tables – Make sure you have a comfortable chair for the Mommy-To-Be
  • If you requested your guests to RSVP, make a final count and confirm reservations. Call those who have yet to RSVP
  • Charge your camera battery or purchase disposable cameras for the guests to take pictures during the shower
  • Begin to clean and prepare your house

The Day Before the Baby Shower

  • Review the games and make sure you know how they are played
  • Pick up the cake and any last minute food items (ice)
  • Chill the beverages


  • Have your balloons inflated. You might want to place some at important turns to help guide guests to your house
  • Have a notebook handy to keep track of the gifts
  • Set out the beverages, glasses and ice
  • Set out the food
  • Greet your guests with a smile
  • Enjoy the party, you’ve worked hard and deserve it!

Organization is Key!

It’s quite overwhelming when you are going to organize a baby shower – there’s usually so much to do and so little time to do it, plus you just never know if the little Bundle of Joy is going to wait to make his/her appearance. Normally a baby shower is planned 1-2 months prior to the celebration but even those last minute showers can be pulled off without a hitch IF you are organized.Party Inspiration

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