The expert party planners at get to help others plan baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers and baptisms every day, and we love it! When one of our own gets to celebrate such a special occasion, however, we really get excited. Big Dot of Happiness E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator (or “Deliverer of Dots”) Steph is expecting her first child, and recently unveiled the gender of her baby in front of the entire Big Dot team! Steph, who is due in February, revealed the fact that she’s having a baby boy with a picturesque balloon release on the front lawn of our Wisconsin facility. (Hint: This is a fabulous gender reveal party idea). It was so much fun to share in her excitement, and now we get to help her plan a baby shower!

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

“I am super excited to start planning,” said Steph, whose mother and best friend will be helping her plan. “It will be fun to see all of my friends and family!”

As Big Dot of Happiness’ party planning experts know, one of the first steps in planning a baby shower is choosing the theme. Steph’s favorite boy baby shower themes from are their Blue Baby Elephant theme, their Giraffe Boy theme, their Lion Boy theme and their Boy Teddy Bear theme.

“I love each of theme for different reasons, but overall, I love their bright colors,” said Steph. “I like the Blue Baby Elephant because of its modern look. I am in love with Boy Teddy Bear because my maiden last name was Baer and I grew up loving teddy bears. My Grandma Baer use to always make us Teddy Bear sweaters and blankets when we were younger. So, the Teddy Bear theme holds a special place in my heart. I like the unique design of Giraffe Boy and Lion Boy. It's going to be a hard decision!”

All of these themes are super cute, colorful and modern, so it’s no surprise that the hardest decision will be selecting which one to use! Big Dot of Happiness’ trendy boy elephant theme features a whimsical white elephant standing next to an adorable baby elephant. Its blue, white and brown color scheme would match a little boy’s nursery perfectly! The Boy Teddy Bear theme is perfect for modern mommies-to-be who want to decorate their party (and nursery) with classic teddy bear images. Detailed with adorable paw prints and swirls, this theme lends itself wonderfully to creative food and favor ideas (blue-“bear”-y push pops, anyone?). The Giraffe Boy theme is a wonderful option for those who want a safari theme that reflects the arrival of a baby boy, as the adorable giraffe is pictured in front of a bright blue sky. And their Lion Boy theme, which features a playful blue and orange color scheme, is such a fun way to celebrate the little “king of the jungle.”

Use the following links to see Big Dot of Happiness’ entire Blue Baby Elephant theme, Giraffe Boy theme, Lion Boy theme and Boy Teddy Bear theme. Which one do you think Steph should choose?