Our new Big Dot Mommies share their favorite baby shower themes and some first-hand experience when it comes to planning a baby shower. Read on to meet these two Big Dotters and find out how they picked their baby shower theme. Farm Animals Baby Shower Theme Ideas #BabyShower #BigDot #HappyDot

You can find Emily in Expert Expert land at BigDotOfHappiness.com, fielding customer calls and responding to Facebook comments and questions. As an Expert Expert, she has a lot of experience planning many different baby showers and talking customers through the process from start to finish.

When it finally came to deciding on a theme for her own baby shower, she knew Farm Animals was the perfect fit. The baby's nursery was being decorated in a farm animal theme to incorporate her husband's childhood home and carrying that through into the baby shower was a natural fit. "Everyone loved the Farm Animals decorations!" said Emily. "I am now in the process of writing my thank you cards - so far everyone has loved the Farm Animals card paired with the Farm Animals address label."

Little Man Baby Shower Theme Ideas #BabyShower #BigDot #HappyDotSteph works behind the scenes at BigDotOfHappiness.com, keeping you up-to-date on new items and super-secret Silly Sales, as well as making sure your Big Dot shopping experience is top-notch. As the Deliver of Dots, she is the first to know about new themes and products coming from the Creative Department.

Steph knew the Dashing Little Man baby shower theme was in the works so when her baby shower was being planned, timing was key. "I knew I was having a boy and I knew I wanted this baby shower theme." says Steph. "My mom wanted to use the Boy Teddy Bear baby shower theme but I had my heart set on Dashing Little Man. In the end, she loved the theme and really got excited about decorating as it got closer to the shower date."

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