Dogs of the Blog: Meeko, the Party Animal #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty
Dogs of the Blog: Meeko #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyShowers #poochPawtyMeeko was born in Peru and traveled the United States in the back of a Jeep. He lived in San Francisco near the Fisherman’s Wharf until he hopped a plane to Wisconsin. Once he was perfectly party trained by the Expert Experts, he began dreaming up his own big dog party ideas. Meeko is now Top Dog at

I am 5-years-old, which means I have 5 whole years of party training.

I love to bark “Hello!” to my favorite mailman. He always jumps with delight when he see me.Chasing my tail and squirrel watching are my next favorite hobbies.

Favorite Food
I love pup-cakes made with the special dog cake mix Mom gets. It even has a yummy yogurt frosting on top!

Hidden Talent
I can get into any package! I especially like the ones with the shiny bows. Sometimes Mom tries to spoil the fun with lots of tape, but I can still get it unwrapped.

Favorite Past Time
I like to lay in the sunshine and dream up the next big dog party theme. I want to make sure my friends have a pooch pawty that no one has ever seen before!

Mom calls me Sneaky Meeky because I can smell a good treat a mile away. Sometimes my nose gets me in trouble but that’s a small price to pay for getting at a tasty snack.