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Dodger's Point of View

  • Posted on February 18, 2015 by Meeko ThePooch

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    WinterTipsOh, the weather outside is…weather. Sadly, I don’t have the Weather Channel, so I’m not sure how cold it really is outside, but I can feel it. My paws hit that frosty grass in the morning and I just know dreaded winter is coming. It’s the time of year where puppies like me are stuck in the house because our tails might freeze off out there. Although it’s chilly, it’s still important to get in your physical activity even in the winter, so I like to get walks in when I can. Here are a couple of tips for your wintry adventures outside:

    Whoa Nelly - Don’t stay outside too long and make those pee breaks quick! Prevent frostbite on your ears, tail and feet by limiting your exposure. Also, take it easy! Your heart is working extra hard to keep you body warm, so don’t be running up a storm. Just like people, a run in the cold is a lot more strenuous than a run when it’s warm.

    Gear Up – Dog boots are not silly! Believe me; you will thank me when you feel the warmth of fleece around your toes. Boots will not only keep you tootsies warm, but they will protect you feet from ice and salt. Also, consider a sweater or coat, especially if you have short hair. Your body needs to keep in all of the heat it can and sometimes your natural coat just won’t cut it.

    Keep Shinin’ – Winter can be harsh on my sensitive skin! The chilly air can make my skin and coat so dry and brittle. Not only does it look bad, but it also reduces my coat’s effectiveness at protecting against the elements. Obviously, drink lots of water (snow doesn't count) to stay hydrated, but also limit your baths and brush regularly to distribute your natural oils. If you get a little stinky, try some pet wipes or pet mist to keep smelling fresh.

    20° or Below, Please Don’t Go - As a rule of thumb, I stay inside if it’s under 20° F. If you are elderly, under 6 months old, sick or injured, you should skip your daily walk routine in any cold weather.

    It OK to be inside if it’s too cold! Make it fun! Play games indoors, learn a new trick, or play with your toys. I heard some dogs even walk on treadmills! Whatever you do, stay safe and warm my pooch friends!

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  • Posted on July 30, 2014 by Lindsey Mattson

    Bringing home a new puppy is always exciting. Those soft puppy kisses are the absolute sweetest!! With all of the fun a little dog brings - like the first time he tries to take off running on the hardwood floor - it is easy to forget a few essentials you will need after you get home. I know when I brought my adorable little fuzz ball home, I had a bag of food, a collar and every.single.toy in the store!

    It wasn't until a few days later I found myself running back to the store for just one more thing - A kennel. Then one more thing - A baby gate. Then one more thing...and so on, and so on. Grant it, no expense was spared for this new fur baby that I carried on our walks and I let share my pillow at night, but if I would have had this easy checklist at the start, I would have been able to prepare for his homecoming. Click on the image for the download, then print and go shopping before your new puppy comes home!

    New Puppy Checklist from WhenPoochComesToShove.com #PoochPawty
    This item is for personal use only. Big Dot of Happiness retains all rights. This item may not be copied, shared, forwarded, sold or distributed.

    Copyright Big Dot Of Happiness, LLC.

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  • Posted on June 27, 2014 by Meeko ThePooch

    Friends of Meeko the Pooch: Blog Posts #PuppyShowers #DogBirthdayParties #PuppyPawties

    Adventurous pups never pass up a good time so when we had the chance to sponsor a pooch in the Wiener Dog Race at the Menomonie SummerDaze Festival, the answer was YES! Our team looked fabulous in the bright shirts and our racer, Ella, was ready to run in a When Pooch Comes To Shove party hat and cape created by crafty pawty trainer, Jessy.

    SummerDaze Wiener Dog Races in Menomonie, WI - WhenPoochComesToShove.com #PoochPawty

    Ella strutted her stuff in the costume contest then got down to business as she prepared to blow the competition away with her speedy little legs. Running in multiple heats, the crowd had a great time watching these adorable dogs racing down main street.

    SummerDaze Wiener Dog Races in Menomonie, WI - WhenPoochComesToShove.com #PoochPawty

    She may not have won the race, but this little girl is always top dog in our hearts. Can she be any cuter?!? This little lady and all the other racers definitely earned themselves a gift bag full of goodies from WhenPoochComesToShove.com. We put together the perfect summer treat bag in our Hot Diggity Dog party theme, complete with decorated water bottles and a bow tie, a Bark Bar treat and gift certificate for their own pooch pawty.

    SummerDaze Wiener Dog Races in Menomonie, WI - WhenPoochComesToShove.com #PoochPawty

    A special thanks to Main Street of Menomonie Inc. for the fun evening and Custom Ink for the marvelous shirts. We KNOW that cape gave our pooch super hero speed.

    Do you want to see more of the pups? Click here for the SummerDaze video.

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  • Posted on January 27, 2014 by Meeko ThePooch

    Friends of Meeko the Pooch: Blog Posts #PuppyShowers #DogBirthdayParties #PuppyPawties

    Flying Weenie
    geckoam / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

    Who’s ready for the big game this weekend? No, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl. Who wants to watch Broncos and Seahawks, when you can watch the cutest athletes around? PUPPIES! The Tenth Annual Puppy Bowl is this Sunday and I cannot wait!

    The Puppy Bowl is football, just like your human Super Bowl, but the rules are a little different. These adorable athletes can drag it, chew it and steal it, but the goal is to get one of the football-shaped toys into the end zone. Don't worry, it's not as easy as it seems. There are other toys to distract the players and penalties are given for relieving themselves on the field. Timeouts are also called when the water bowl needs refilling or if there's any "unnecessary rrrruff-ness."

    There's a few more things you should know before you change the channel. This year they have... PENGUIN CHEERLEADERS. Penguins are way more fun than the hedgehogs they had last year. I'm ashamed to admit, I'm even excited for the Kitty Halftime Show. I know I'm supposed to hate cats but I cannot get enough of Keyboard Cat!

    Don't miss the biggest sports event played by man's best friend! Also, don't forget the puppy chow! I must go now, I have to draft my fantasy team.

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  • Posted on December 23, 2013 by Meeko ThePooch

    Friends of Meeko the Pooch: Blog Posts #PuppyShowers #DogBirthdayParties #PuppyPawties

    One of the biggest challenges when raising a puppy is dealing with all of the chewing they do in the teething stage. You may think it’s hard but consider your puppy’s perspective! For almost a year of our lives, we are dealing with major changes inside of our mouths! First, the baby teeth come in when we are only 8 weeks old, then those teeth fall out and we get even more teeth than before. It’s tough, but we have to deal with it somehow. That is why I chew.


    So when do puppies lose their teeth? Yes, we do loose our teeth just like your human kids and go through a teething stage. Beginning at about 3 months of age, your puppy will start losing their teeth. By 7 months, your puppy should have all of their adult teeth. In this time, there is a lot going on their mouth and we need you to keep an eye on things. You need to make sure the teeth coming in normally. Ensure that the baby teeth are falling out to make way for the adult teeth, make sure two teeth are not crowded into a space, and check that there is no food stuck in their teeth. All of these could cause major dental problems.

    Another question: where do the baby teeth go? Honestly, I don’t know. They fall out anywhere and anytime. The lost teeth will end up being swallowed, lost and wedged in toys. There’s no telling where you will find a tiny puppy tooth, but don’t worry they are harmless.ChewChewChew

    Through this teething process you will see LOTS of chewing. It hurts! Puppies love to chew to soothe the pain and this should be encouraged but make sure that you have the proper chewing devices. During teething, your puppy may target all kinds of unexpected objects to gnaw on to relieve the discomfort. Keep household items out of reach and don’t give them anything that can damage their teeth. I would recommend durable chew toys and plenty of them. Or ICE CUBES! I love ice cubes. They are fun to play with and they feel so good on my sore gums.

    As for dental hygiene, you do not need to brush your puppy’s teeth while they are under two years old, especially during the change from puppy to adult teeth. Your puppy’s gums are too soft and this can cause bleeding. So don’t push the brushing just yet!

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  • Posted on October 23, 2013 by Meeko ThePooch

    Dogs of the Blog: Dodger, the Young Pup #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawty

    Dogs of the Blog: Dodger #PuppyShower #DogBirthdayParty #PuppyPawtyDodger is a young pup just learning the ropes around WhenPoochComesToShove.com. Every day is a new adventure for Dodger and he wants to share everything he has learned. From behavior, toys and treats, he will test it all and let you know the best puppy products out there.

    An adventurous hound dog, he’s still a young pup that sometimes let’s his curiosity gets the best of him. While his mom was throwing his puppy shower, he found his puppy cake early and ate it all himself. He learned the hard way that you should always share with your friends.

    I’m only 8 months old but I’m just as tough as all the big kids.

    Favorite Food
    I like anything I can catch. I love sniffing out my food.

    I’m a big music fan. I love howling along & wagging my tail with my favorite songs on the radio.

    Favorite Movie
    The Fox and the Hound is pretty good. I wish I had a cool fox friend.

    Best Trick
    I’m still learning but I can already sit, stay and roll over. You just wait though, I’ll be the bestest with tricks soon enough.

    Favorite Toys
    You can’t go wrong with a yummy bone. Are we done now? I wanna go play!

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