Do It Yourself Puppy Party Ideas

  1. Chevron Boy Bruffday Dog Party Theme & Decoration Ideas

    Hosting the perfect dog party is easy with a little planning and a few key decorations. Follow these party decoration tips to style an impressive Chevron Boy Bruffday puppy shower or dog birthday party.   1. Do It Yourself Craft Tags // You are definitely going to have one DIY party decoration so be sure to order custom craft tags to dress it up and make it perfectly themed. These versatile tags will look great on favor bags or at the candy buffet tied around pretty containers. 2. Custom Candy...
  2. REAL POOCHES | REAL PARTIES: Bellla's Birthday Party

    REAL POOCHES | REAL PARTIES: Bellla's Birthday Party
    Amy, owner of Studio A Events, styled this perfect pooch party to celebrate Bella. Amy used our free concierge service to make our Chevron Girl Bruffday Party dog party theme even more girly, perfect for her little princess! Bella sure is one lucky pup!   Watch the video to learn more about our concierge design service then start planning your next celebration! We are here to make it YOU-nique.
  3. Do It Yourself Dog Party Favors: Shaped Cut Outs

    Do It Yourself Dog Party Favors: Shaped Cut Outs
    You don't want your dog party to be a barking bore with the same dog party supplies you can find everywhere BUT you also don't want to spend your entire weekend crafting - That's precious dog park time and we know you will never give that up! Creating a pawsome dog party doesn't have to be a ton of work and now it has gotten even easier. These shaped cut outs will help you create all the do it yourself party favors you can imagine! Shaped paper cut outs come...
  4. Look Who's Barking: Good Day Baltimore

    Look Who's Barking: Good Day Baltimore
    You know how excitement feels? That uncontrollable tail wagging that happens when you wait for Mom to come home and then she finally shows up - with TREATS! Yeah, we were that kind of excited when we were asked to appear on the Fox45 Good Day Baltimore morning show. Host Megan Gilliland and Big Dot of Happiness owner, Sherri Yukel, help you get party trained. Watch the video to learn how you can celebrate your pooch with a puppy shower or bruffday party. With snacks for the 4-legged friends...
  5. REAL POOCHES | REAL PAWTIES: Pollyanna's Sausage Fest

    REAL POOCHES | REAL PAWTIES: Pollyanna's Sausage Fest
    When Anna's furbaby turned one, it was time for a celebration - a Hot Diggity Dog Party that everyone would want an invite to. For Pollyanna's first birthday party, Anna hosted a sausage fest that got all the neighborhood dogs drooling. From her epic grill-out to local brews and of course, custom dog party decorations, the event was a success. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine, the food and the fun - especially Pollyanna! "Thanks for coming, guys!" Check out the photo album of my barking-good party here. I can't wait to...
  6. {Free Printable} 4th of July Treats For Your Dog

    {Free Printable} 4th of July Treats For Your Dog
    4th of July celebrations are just not for your two-legged friends, include your pooch and their four-legged friends in your party. Have special treats, games, and refreshments for the dogs to enjoy. The dogs and their owners will have a blast celebrating together. I used free printable 4th of July tags from our partner, to decorate treats for the pups that will be attending our 4th of July party. I bought different types of rawhide sticks that I slid through the tags and will use them as décor on our...
  7. Bark Mitzvahs - A Fun Trend in Dog Parties

    It is so exciting to see a new trend, and even more fun when it is for our furry friends! One of the latest dog party trends is Bark Mitzvahs, or holding a celebration for a dog’s coming of age. This mirrors the Jewish traditional Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah that is celebrated when boys turn 13 and girls turn 12. Bark Mitzvahs are not necessarily held at a certain age for dogs, however many occur when the dog turns 13 years, 13 months, or 2 years old (close to...
  8. DIY Party Decoration Ideas {Dog Party Centerpiece Kits}

    DIY Party Decoration Ideas {Dog Party Centerpiece Kits}
    My mom loves to save some money but always want so put on a great pawty for me and my furry pals.  That's why she got so excited when she found these Centerpiece Kits from With 1 large centerpiece, 2 scalloped circles & stands, and 36 confetti pieces, the possibilities for are endless on how mom can make my pawty YOU-nique for me! 1. Rosette Fans are a Breeze // Dress up a simple tissue paper rosette by hot gluing a few pieces of confetti in the center. It...
  9. {almost} From-Scratch Homemade Dog Treats

    {almost} From-Scratch Homemade Dog Treats
    Give your puppy party guests an extra-special doggie bag party favor with these {almost} homemade dog treats. Made from a puppy cake mix with a minor adjustment to the ingredients, these soft dog cookies are the perfect treat! I used a box Puppy Cake mix to make these super easy dog biscuits. You can use any flavor, simply add all the ingredients - except for the water. Then slowly add the water until you have a bread dough consistency. With some whole wheat flour on my counter top, I rolled...
  10. {Puppy Recipe} Peanut Butter Cheerio Bites

    {Puppy Recipe} Peanut Butter Cheerio Bites
    Looking for a treat to put into your pup’s Easter basket? These Peanut Butter & Cheerios Bites are the perfect Easter treats for your pup, he/she will the love the peanut butter and the extra crunch the Cheerios add. Seal the Peanut Butter & Cheerios Bites in an adorable doggie bag topper to complete the look of your Easter basket or puppy party favors at your next pawty. {Peanut Butter Cheerio Bites} What You’ll Need: 2/3 Cup Natural Peanut Butter 2 Cups Cheerio 1 Cup Whole Wheat Flour 1/2 Cup...

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