Make your princess party truly magical by making these adorable princess wands (which can conveniently double as party centerpieces)! Inspired by our recent rosette tutorial and’s own Pretty Princess birthday party theme, I transformed a few wooden dowel rods into fairy princess wands using some scrapbook paper, pretty ribbon, and round sticker labels from

You’ll need:

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If you purchased wooden dowel rods, begin by painting them your desired color. I spray-painted mine white, which proved to be an easy task that took less than a day to dry.

While the dowel rods are drying, follow these paper rosette instructions (which you can download and print here) to create your rosette wand toppers. To coordinate with’s Pretty Princess theme, I selected pink and white polka dot paper for the outer layer, and a striped purple pattern for the decorative center circle. Your rosettes will vary in size depending on the dimensions of your paper strips; for my “medium-sized” rosettes, I cut each strip about three inches wide and 12 inches long. Once the center circles were attached, I added some flair with a few self-adhesive gems and of course, BigDotofHappiness’ Pretty Princess round personalized birthday party sticker labels.

With your rosettes complete, it’s time to turn your white dowel rods into wands! Use hot glue to secure different pieces of ribbon to one end of each dowel rod. It’s easy to find sparkly, sequined ribbon at most local craft stores, and you can use as much as you’d like – as a 7-year-old recently informed me, a girl can never have too much sparkle in her fairy wand!DIY Princess Wands - Birthday Party Ideas #Princess #PrincessParty #BirthdayParty

Once your ribbons are secure, complete your fairy princess wands by attaching the decorated dowel rods to your paper rosettes. Moving quickly to prevent the hot glue from drying too fast, add a generous dollop to the ribbon-adorned end of a dowel rod, then place that rod between the accordion folds of one end of a rosette. Hold it in place for a few seconds, and your rod will be securely attached, with the ribbon hanging down below the rosette. Repeat this process for each dowel rod, and your princess wands will be finished!

When my princess wands were complete, I found them to be too pretty to hand out right away. Instead, I displayed them in a glass vase along with some tulle and pink birthday party candy! They made for a delightful princess centerpiece during the party, and were given away at the end as a take-home favor. What a fun and easy DIY princess party idea.