The countdown has begun and we are getting ready for a fab Christmas celebration with the family pups. This easy no-sew bow tie is the perfect gift from Santa Paws but, with some fun fabric in different colors, you can quickly have an entire wardrobe and be ready for any occasion!

DIY No Sew Bow Tie For Dogs #PoochPawySanta Paws came early this year and brought two festive bow ties wrapped with JOY tags in blue and red from the holiday collection at our partner site,

Follow these easy instructions to create your own no-sew bow ties for all of your favorite pups! Then print out this Letter to Santa Paws and you have an adorable -early- Christmas gift for all the dogs in your life.

Once you have the steps down, get crazy with color and patterns. There are custom tags for all of your bow tie gifts!

DIY No Sew Bow Tie For Dogs #PoochPawy

- Fabric Scrap, cut into 3 pieces
- Small Ponytail Holder
- Hot Glue Gun & Scissors
- Tag & Ribbon with Bag for Gifting

STEP 1 | Cut 3 pieces of fabric:
2 - 5” x 7”
1 - 1.5” x 4”
On the 2 large pieces: Glue the long sides onto each other.  Overlap one piece more than the other for two rectangles, one with a slightly smaller width than the other.

STEP 2 | On the 2 large pieces, glue the short sides onto each other. Overlap one piece more than the other for two rectangles, one with a slightly smaller length than the other.

STEP 3 | On the 1 smallest piece: Glue the long ends onto each other, similar to how you did it on the first large piece.

STEP 4 | Stack your larger pieces, smaller rectangle on top. It is starting to look like a bow tie now. Wrap with smallest piece under as the center band and lay ponytail holder across the stacked pieces.

STEP 5 | Snip the ends of the smallest center piece so they just slightly overlap and glue, being careful not to glue the ponytail holder.  Fluff and shape to be the perfect bow tie!

STEP 6 | Slide collar through the ponytail holder so your pooch can proudly wear their new festive bow tie - or wrap for gifting.

To gift, slide into a bag (we used clear), and tie off with a tag and ribbon.

DIY No Sew Bow Tie For Dogs #PoochPawy