Very popular party favors these days are personalized candy bars—and it’s no wonder: who doesn’t love chocolate!? Candy bars with personalized labels are perfect for any event you are planning: Birthday Parties, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Anniversary Parties, and Baptisms. However, when you are purchasing a large quantity of chocolate to offer your guests, the costs can really add up!

Luckily, Big Dot of Happiness has a solution to that potential issue—offering high-quality personalized wrappers at an amazing price! You can select and order your personalized wrappers from Big Dot, and then purchase your own candy bars to wrap them around…a little bit of (very simple, very quick) DIY results in impressive yet affordable favors for your party guests.

In true Big Dot style, you’ll be able to choose your labels from dozens of creative themes to be sure you have just the perfect look for your party. You can select between standard full-sized (1.55 oz) chocolate bar labels and smaller fun-sized (aka Hershey’s Miniatures) labels. Each wrapper is highly customizable, featuring two lines of text to be filled in by you. The standard sized labels even include creative nutrition facts and ingredients listings, specific to your type of event (Birthday, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, etc.), making for very unique (and adorable!) gifts for your guests!

These personalized chocolate bars are impressive party favors, but you can get even more use out of them by incorporating them into your event décor! Small stacks of full-sized bars (or small bags filled with miniature bars) make gorgeous balloon weights to place around your party room—and they’ll perfectly tie in with your theme. The full-sized bars can also be used to arrange beautifully simple place cards for a formal dinner: print (or write) each guest’s name on coordinating cardstock in an elegant font, and simply tuck the name under a full-sized bar at each place setting. Alternately, you could attach your printed name cards (or one of these tags)  to small bags filled with miniature bars using a hole punch and some ribbon, and set one at each place setting for your guests.

A clever host might even incorporate their candy bars into a small game for their party—by slipping a special prize ticket or message inside the wrapper when assembling the (full-sized) candy bars, you can set up a door prize or two. Simply have each guest check inside their wrappers at the end of the party, and whoever finds your ticket or message wins a prize! And really, whether they win a prize or not, all of your guest will go home happy—after all, you’ve given them chocolate, you clever hostess, you!

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Posted by Shannon, a Dot-arilla Blogger