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While I have always enjoyed the movie Mean Girls (dominant female characters with a killer fashion sense, obvs), I never really had much interest in Amanda Seyfriend, that is, until now. During my weekly mani session at the salon I caught a glimpse of her on The Ellen Show, bragging about her dog, Finn, and how he can balance items on his head. I didn't completely believe her until I checked out his twitter feed. No, that is not a typo - Finn has his own twitter feed - a dog after my own heart. After reading a few tweets, I couldn't get enough and immediately started to follow Amanda and Finn on Instagram. Every time I see a pic of him, my tail begins to wag. That thick, milk-chocolatey Australian Shepherd coat, balancing a flower pot on his head, reading from Faulkner, sporting the lastest shades... be still my beating heart. It is easy to see why Finn is becoming as much of a celebrity as Amanda. He's handsome, talented, fashionable and extremely witty (sigh). I'm sure he also enjoys long walks on the beach. Hmmm.... is he single?! A dog can dream, can't she (wink).

Pawparazzi: Amanda Seyfried and Finn Are The Perfect Balance #PoochPawty #CelebrityPets #AmandaSeyfried #FinnSeyfried

Want to know Finn a bit better? Here are some of my fave tweets via @finn_seyfried:

I just did an inventory on what I love. My family. Hikes. Nuzzling. Smiling. What do you love? Do an inventory. #finnventory
Will a pumpkin spice latte give me indigestion? Help.
Just woke up from a running dream. Turns out that, in fact, I wasn't running. Back to bed. That squirrel will be mine. Anything is possible!
How does the clocks going back effect dog time? Am I younger?! #dog #time
Lets all do one thing to help someone else today. I won't do a number two on my neighbors lawn. What will you do?
Tried to get the other dogs at the park to make a Harlem Shake video with me. Only a bichon and a cranky dalmatian agreed. No video was made.

Pawparazzi: Amanda Seyfried and Finn Are The Perfect Balance #PoochPawty #CelebrityPets #AmandaSeyfried #FinnSeyfried

Amanda's quote from an interview with Marie Claire

All images from Amanda and Finn's Instagram and Twitter feeds:
@mingey {Instagram}
@finn_seyfried {Finn on Twitter}
@AmandaSeyfried {Amanda om Twitter}