That little fuzzy face is there day in and day out - ready to greet you and make any bad day better. I am sure you have a similar look waiting for you when you get home from a long day - or even just home from a trip to the mail box!

My furbaby, Rowlf, wandered into my life 11 years ago. He was a little fluffy ball full of energy who How Dogs are Our Best Friends #PoochPawtyloved the cats, ran in circles and looked at me for constant approval - with big eyes and panting tongue. I was one of the lucky ones who got to take my pup to work and he followed me around every day. This created a sort of co-dependent relationship for both of us but I am ok with that.

From the beginning, my dear Hubbs tried to get this stubborn little guy to listen to him but it never worked. He only has - well, HAD - ears for me. That is, until a special little human found his way into our home. Then things changed. For a while, I shared my lap with my first 'child' and with my new baby. Then, the two started adventuring. Rowlf would always check back with me, running back and forth between us two, trying to decide who was more entertaining.

How Dogs Became our Best Friends #PoochPawtyBut NOW - these two are in cahoots! If one doesn't think of it, the other will. From treat sneaking to snuggling, they have a special bond that fills my heart with joy. Rowlf is always ready to go for a run while The Little rides his bike. They speak the same language when it comes to snack frequency and bedtime snuggles are never far away. After making sure his Little is fast asleep, he will make his way to the foot of my bed for the full nights sleep, but I am sure that will end soon as their bond grows.

Rowlf is a special part of our family and he deserves to be celebrated for all the joy he brings to us. Check out these dog party supplies so you can honor your pup as well. Then read the info graphic below - Dogs haven't always been man's best friend but I am sure glad that changed!

Be sure to tell us about your furbaby and the special bond you have below in the comments.
How Dogs Became Our Best Friend

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