Construction Truck Birthday Party Ideas: Supplies & Decorations #ConstructionTruck #BigDot #HappyDot #BirthdayPartyIdeas
Danger: Cuteness Ahead! Celebrate with a dangerously cute Construction Truck Party Theme that is perfect for birthday parties and baby showers. With a supply of diggers, haulers and dump trucks, your construction party will be easy to coordinate - and get the crowd begging for your party planning secrets!Construction Truck Party Theme #BigDot #HappyDot #ConstructionParty

The birthday boy is bound to have a favorite truck, not to mention a supply of other diggers and machinery, so put them to use and create a Construction Truck birthday party space that is just what your baby has dreamed of. Trucks that have seen a lot of love, and a lot of sand, can be grouped together to make a play area. Add a sand box and you have a solid afternoon of fun for a rowdy bunch of kids! For treats and snacks, you can quickly make an impressive buffet table with new yellow trucks, then gift them to the birthday boy afterward. Candy boxes with a stand make great birthday party favors, and chocolate cake makes the perfect ground to create a scene for new diggers.

Construction Truck birthday party supplies make it easy to honor your child's love of all things digger and create a celebration they will remember for years to come. Be sure to add a custom birthday party hat for amazing birthday photos!

Construction Truck Party Theme #BigDot #HappyDot #ConstructionParty

If Mommy-To-Be wants to celebrate her little one with a construction theme baby shower, Construction Truck baby shower supplies are a great way to make her wish come true. Start with custom baby shower invitations and then go crazy with the adorable matching party supplies. Baby shower guests will love place settings laid out with custom Construction truck place mats and coordinating tableware. Create impressive centerpieces with haulers and dump trucks filled with custom Construction Truck candy bar wrappers. You baby shower guests will love the adorable sweet treat and the trucks can be gifted to the Mommy-To-Be afterward.

Construction Truck Party Theme #BigDot #HappyDot #ConstructionParty

Construction Truck party theme is a classic theme every boy will love. Just be sure to warn your guests - Caution: Cuteness Ahead!

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