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Graduation push pop favors take too cool for school to a whole new level with these adorable DIY graduation hats! These eye-catching graduation party favors are easy to make thanks to the following step-by-step tutorial. All you need is some basic craft supplies, push up containers and candy, and you’re set! Use the following instructions to create your own graduation cap party favors.

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Graduation Party Ideas - Push Pop Favor Ideas #Graduation #PushPops #DIY


Step 1. From the black craft paper, cut a square that measures 2.5” x 2.5” and a long, thin strip that measures 0.75” x 6.75.”

Step 2. Secure the long, thin strip in a circle using a dab of hot glue, then attach the circle to the paper square with more hot glue.

Step 3. Cut two lengths of embroidery thread that measure 6” and 8”, respectively. Fold the 6-inch length in half and tape both ends to your work surface. Remove a single strand from the second, 8-inch length of thread and tie it around the middle of the folded, 6-inch length of thread.

Step 4. Un-tape the thread and re-tape it so the single strand is on top and the folded 6-inch length of thread is on the bottom (your thread should start to resemble a tassle now.) Using a second single strand from the 8-inch length of thread, place a knot just below the one that holds the folded, 6-inch thread in place so the ends stay down.

Step 5. Trim the ends of your thread so they resemble a tassel, and secure the tassel to the hat with a mini bracket, and your miniature graduation hat will be complete!

Display your decorated graduation push pops on candy buffets and dessert tables, or create candy centerpieces for the center of each table!

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