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Big Dot Culture

Occasionally we take time out of our busy day of providing you with impeccable customer service and unique and original products to get a little wild! One of our company motto is ‘work hard, play hard’ and we do both down to a T. Sometimes we bust out the sidewalk chalk and cover the parking lot with our artistic creations, cram into a bus and take in a ballgame or play games in our break room. Whatever we’re up to here at work, we always strive to give you the best possible customer experience we can offer...and still have fun!
  • Posted on April 10, 2017 by Lindsey Mattson

    When we say we love celebration, we mean we LOVE celebration. And that means bringing a band to Big Dot in honor of our GM's 10 year anniversary.

    The UW-Stout Jazz Band made a surprise appearance to honor this milestone event. With a boisterous parade, Brenda was lured to the production floor and honored by Big Dot owner, Sherri Yukel.

    Big Dot Celebrations: General Manager Brenda's 10 Year Anniversary You never know what is going to happen inside The Dot. Thank you for all you do, Brenda!

    **And a special thanks to the UW-Stout Performing Arts Jazz Band & Director AAron Durst**


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  • Posted on April 22, 2015 by Lindsey Mattson

    For more than 16 years, Big Dot of Happiness has been the party experts offering unique party themes and custom party supplies to everyone via our website, We love creating YOU-nique events, celebrating life's occasions and making memories with every Big Dot Hostess Hero.

    Because of our passion for celebration, we are excited to offer our local Central Wisconsin Hostess Heroes a party room for their special events. The big secret is: WE DO IT ALL! Yup, we will set-up, tear down and host the party activities in between. You can take all the credit for the fabulous party but if you want to brag about us afterward, we'll let you.

    Menomonie Wisconsin Party Room: Big Dot of Happiness Local Events

    This canvas painting event was done in our Owl Girl party theme to celebrate Paige's 10th birthday. With painting instruction for 8, complete photo booth, balloons, tableware, custom decorations and party hats, as well as cupcakes and snacks, this event was a total hit!

    Menomonie Wisconsin Party Room: Big Dot of Happiness Local Events

    The best part was seeing the smiles on everyone's face. The girls loved the private art class and the option to make their painting YOU-nique while Mom loved showing up to an impressive birthday party that her daughter will never forget.

    Menomonie Wisconsin Party Room: Big Dot of Happiness

    If you live in Central Wisconsin and want to plan an impressive event, I would love to help you. We can style the perfect birthday party, create custom art for a bridal shower, or help celebrate a milestone event for any of life's special occasions. Call me - Your party is waiting!

    Lindsey, Event Coordinator
    1.800.274.4282 //

    Big Dot Party Store and Events in Menomonie, Wisconsin // Contact us to see how we can help make your party remarkable!

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  • Posted on October 15, 2014 by Lindsey Mattson

    Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser #BigDot #HappyDot

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and there isn't a better way to spread the word than with a pretty in pink party. Celebrate someone's victory over breast cancer, support someone's fight against it or host an event to remind your loved ones about early detection.

    A proud supporter of the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, we are donating a portion of today's sales to their commitment to finding a cure. No one can do it alone but together, we can be the end of cancer.

    Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser #BigDot #HappyDot


    To make it easier to shop for any celebration, we have created a Shop By Color section on our site. You can easily shop for all of you pink party supplies and host an event to remember.

    Our Shop By Color section is also great for coordinating solid-colored party supplies with your main party theme. Pick an accent color and bring your event to life. Silver and pink or gold and pink are hot. Hot. HOT. color combinations right now and will instantly add some party pizzazz to your event.


    Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser #BigDot #HappyDot

    We want you to have a memorable event - and we also know what a big job it is to plan one. We make Hostess Heroes out of everyday people so don't hesitate to call and talk to our Expert Experts (they are the four ladies on the top row). They are party planning extraordinaires and will help you get the party started!

    Phone 1.800.274.4282 | Email

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  • Posted on May 29, 2014 by Lindsey Mattson

    May marked the 15 year anniversary for Big Dot of Happiness and because we are party fanatics, that meant ONE WHOLE MONTH of celebrations!

    We began with a smashing good time and let you vote on who had the biggest office faux pas. The "winner" was met with a cake in the face. But, because we are Big Dot and do everything bigger and bolder, the rest of the guilty Big Dotters met their match with a cake as well.

    Then came your turn to show off your favorite cake smash photos followed by our own cake eating contest. Wow...we really like cake!

    Next was a few weeks of reminiscing and looking back at how far we have come. Big Dotters are a unique bunch and we love any excuse to celebrate. Check it out and see what we have been up to.

    Finally, we ended the month with an employee picnic and Scott, our fearless leader, grilling everyone lunch. What will year 16 and beyond bring? Who knows - but you can be sure we always have a surprise hidden up our sleeve at Big Dot.

    Big Dot of Happiness 15 Year Anniversary Party #BigDot #HappyDot
    Big Dot of Happiness 15 Year Annviersary Party #BigDot #HappyDot
    Big Dot of Happiness 15 Year Annviersary Party #BigDot #HappyDot
    Big Dot of Happiness 15 Year Annviersary Party #BigDot #HappyDot
    Big Dot of Happiness 15 Year Annviersary Party #BigDot #HappyDot
    Big Dot of Happiness 15 Year Annviersary Party #BigDot #HappyDot

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  • Posted on May 23, 2014 by Big Dot

    Customer Moments with Yvette #BigDot #HappyDot

    Did you know about our brand new updated Concierge program?? It is awesome!! We have all new colors to choose from and font choices. You can change any of our personalized items colors or fonts. For example we just had a customer call and stated that she was viewing her invitation proof and she was disappointed that her font was not easy to read. She has several older guests that would have trouble reading the invitation. We simply switched her font to Centry from the CK Daydream (that is a bit more whimsy) and made the text larger and it was much better for her. She saw her proof and was ecstatic that they were easy to read and we got them shipped to her right away. She also emailed us once she received her invitations and said several of her guests had called her to let her know that the invitations were really nice too…concierge success!

    As for color changes- if you need a purple monkey- we can do it. The only items we cannot change the color of is our plates, napkins and cups. We have had some amazing changes happen that have turned out so nice for customers- and we really owe that gratitude to our designers who do amazing work. Pretty much anything you can dream with our items- we can do. For example- we just had a customer use our Blue Elephant Birthday Theme- but added one of our cross designs to it. I have included a picture below to check out. Adorable idea!

    Click here to read about our Concierge Program

    We look forward to working with you to plan your next special event and don’t forget to checkout our Concierge program too!

    Big Dot of Happiness Concierge Program - We can make any of our themes YOU-nique! #BigDot #HappyDot

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  • Posted on May 22, 2014 by Lindsey Mattson

    It sure has been a wild ride with 15 years of celebrations and adventures. Our Throwback Thursday company photos are just a sampling of what goes on inside The Dot.

    BUT - we wouldn't be us without you, our Boss. Thank you for helping to make us who we are. Without the inspiration of our Hostess Heroes everywhere, we wouldn't be here. It is you, our boss, who drives us to do better and be remarkable. Everything we do is for you - to help make life's occasions fun. To make memories. And to celebrate all the joy in everyday. Thank you.

    Throwback Thursday Big Dot Of Happiness Company Photos #BigDot #HappyDot #TBT

    There are three things to learn from our Throwback Thursday of photos:

    1. Be prepared ... for ANYTHING.

    2. Have costumes. LOTS of costumes ... and hats.

    3. We have FUN - and that's what makes us BIG DOT.

    Throwback Thursday Big Dot Of Happiness Company Photos #BigDot #HappyDot #TBT

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  • Posted on May 19, 2014 by Lindsey Mattson

    This year marks a huge milestone for Big Dot of Happiness - 15 years of celebrating life's moments by providing YOU-niqe and original party supplies to Hostess Heroes everywhere. We have gathered our favorite memories to share, a sort of sneak peek into The Dot and how we celebrate.

    Big Dot of Happiness Celebrates 15 Years - Our Favorite Memories #BigDot #HappyDot

    "Hearing the Boss Man play his favorite football team's rally song over the PA before each big match-up."

    "When Steven surprised Sherri by jumping out of a box wrapped in bubble wrap - Absolutely hysterical!"

    Big Dot of Happiness Celebrates 15 Years - Our Favorite Memories #BigDot #HappyDot

    "I've been at Big Dot for a little over eight years, so there are many memorable moments: the time I dressed up as a pregnant momma and went bowling (much harder than I could ever imagine), a blindfolded bus trip that took us to the mall, madly grabbing for dolla-dolla bills in a money machine and company-wide dancing to the tootie ta. For me, there is not one particular memory that I hold near and dear to my heart, but a particular place... the Creative Room. It became my home away from home, a place that brought out the crazy (fun) in all of its residents. A place where an afternoon Flarp dance could relieve all the stress. (Side note: never heard of Flarp? Do yourself a favor and get some. You're welcome.) When the days got long and someone needed a break, or a little inspiration, an impromptu fashion show occurred. What are these fashion shows? Grab whatever you could find: some fabric-turned-babushka, a Funfari paper plate crown, monkey rattles as a belt, then strut your stuff down the runway. By now you might be thinking, "When do they work?" We work extremely hard, but also know how to play hard  (company value #3). A large part of the reason I love my job is the people I do, and have, worked with. We make a great team. One last note: What happens in the Creative Room, stays in the Creative Room."

    Big Dot of Happiness Celebrates 15 Years - Our Favorite Memories #BigDot #HappyDot

    "My favorite memory is when we were surprised with a road trip to Eau Claire. We were blindfolded and ended up at the Oakwood Mall, and told we had money to spend and we had one hour to do it! I bought a special necklace in memory of my Dad who had just passed away. What a generous, fun gesture provided to the Big Dot employees."

    "When my team dress up like bees for my birthday (my nickname is 'Bee'), gave me a black & yellow tutu and a tiara, and let me be "Queen Bee" for the day. Amazing ladies I work with!"

    Big Dot of Happiness Celebrates 15 Years - Our Favorite Memories #BigDot #HappyDot

    "When Beth put me in a box and told Steve to carry the box to ship out. He was questioning why it was so heavy, then opened it and Beth and I laughed because I was in there!"

    "Our trip to the National Stationary Show in NYC. It was my first real business trip & my first time on a plane ever! We got to see the FRIENDS fountain, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building. We had a ton of fun! Oh, and the show was pretty great, too. :)"

    Big Dot of Happiness Celebrates 15 Years - Our Favorite Memories #BigDot #HappyDot

    "Hmmm… is not possible to pick one because over 15 years there have been so, so many! But certainly one of my most favorite memories would be the very first online order that Sherri received 15 years ago! I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was in the basement of our house doing sheetrock work, and remember Sherri running down the stairs with a piece of paper in her hand screaming 'Finally, finally, I got my first order!' She had worked for months without any success…..but now look at us 15 years later and 100,000’s of customers later…..WOW!"

    Big Dot of Happiness Celebrates 15 Years - Our Favorite Memories #BigDot #HappyDot

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  • Posted on May 13, 2014 by Lindsey Mattson

    Enter for a chance to WIN A $100 BIG DOT GIFT CARD! Submit a photo of your kiddo celebrating their 1st birthday with a face {or fist) full of cake.

    Second Place wins a $50 Big Dot Gift Card. Third Place wins a $25 Big Dot Gift Card.

    CONTEST | Smashing the Cake #BigDot #HappyDotOFFICIAL RULES
    1) Email one photo* to, along with you + your kiddo’s names. 2) Only photos submitted via email will be considered for this contest. 3) Photos will be posted to Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram the next business day after they are received via email. 4) Contest ends Thursday, May 15th at 11:59 p.m. CST. 5) Three Winners will be selected at random & announced Friday, May 16th. Via mail, the winners will receive their gift card only good at

    CONTEST | Smashing the Cake #BigDot #HappyDot

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  • Posted on December 31, 2013 by Lindsey Mattson

    It is here. The last day of 2013 and we are looking back at last year's happiness, all while gearing up to celebrate another 365. Enjoy our 2013 Year in Review Happiness Report and know that there are big plans for 2014.

    Stay tuned for what we will unveil to make your life's moments remarkable. We live and breathe celebration. We are celebration. New themes, new products and a few give-aways are in the near future - Everything to make 2014 YOUR year to shine. Let's make some memories.

    Music: Jack Ingram - Auld Lang Syne

    Big Dot of Happiness 2013 Year in Review

    Shop Custom Party Decorations #PartyIdeas #CustomPartyDecorations #BigDot #HappyDot
    Shop Custom Baby Shower Decorations #PartyIdeas #CustomPartyDecorations #BigDot #HappyDot Shop Custom Birthday Party Decorations #PartyIdeas #CustomPartyDecorations #BigDot #HappyDot Shop Custom Bridal Shower Decorations #PartyIdeas #CustomPartyDecorations #BigDot #HappyDot Shop Custom Baptism Decorations #PartyIdeas #CustomPartyDecorations #BigDot #HappyDot Shop Custom Anniversary Decorations #PartyIdeas #CustomPartyDecorations #BigDot #HappyDot

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  • Posted on December 31, 2013 by Big Dot

    Customer Moments with Yvette #BigDot #HappyDot

    We just recently had a customer call in regarding our teddy bear theme. She was planning a baby shower for her best friend that will be taking place in a month. She needed invitations yesterday! She loved, loved the teddy bear theme but she was in desperate need of another color scheme. We do have our teddy bear available in pink, blue or yellow for a neutral party. Her best friend whom the party is for- her favorite color is red so our colors schemes did not work for her. She was very excited to hear we have a concierge service for a small design fee so it was no problem to switch the color for her. We took the Baby Girl Teddy Bear theme and changed the pink to red and also changed the accent colors to coordinate with her red, white and black scheme. The design turned out absolutely perfect for her and we were so thrilled to help!

    Concierge Service - Teddy Bear Invitations

    If you see a design you love and you really want the items to coordinate with your special event please call us! We would love to help you create the color scheme you need! The only items we unfortunately cannot change is the tableware that arrives at our facility complete. However we can give you lots of ideas to decorate your tables with your needed color scheme and make sure you are a hostess hero!

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