Bark Mitzvah Dog Party

It is so exciting to see a new trend, and even more fun when it is for our furry friends! One of the latest dog party trends is Bark Mitzvahs, or holding a celebration for a dog’s coming of age. This mirrors the Jewish traditional Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah that is celebrated when boys turn 13 and girls turn 12. Bark Mitzvahs are not necessarily held at a certain age for dogs, however many occur when the dog turns 13 years, 13 months, or 2 years old (close to 13 in “human years”). The celebration can range from a traditional ceremony in a synagogue with a dinner and reception at a banquet hall to just a blessing given and a party at home.

During Bark Mitzvahs, dogs may wear a tallit or prayer shawl, and some male dogs may wear a yarmulke or thin traditional skullcap. Some dogs may simply wear a Star of David dog bandana, or a fancy collar or bow. The color theme is typically blue, silver and white. The party itself is just like any other party with invitations, decorations, favors, games, and great food.

Bark Mitzvah Dog Party Table

While and do not have an official Bark Mitzvah theme, we have a great concierge service where any theme’s colors can be changed. For all personalized items the font can also be changed. There is even no fee for this great service! I changed the Chevron Boy Bruffday Theme from navy, blue, white and orange to the Bark Mitzvah colors of blue, silver and white. And since so many items come personalized, you can have the text be anything you would like – puppy showers, bruffdays, or in this case a Bark Mitzvah! You can even celebrate your other furry friends and have a Meow Mitzvah!

Bark Mitzvah Decorations: Unique Dog Party Ideas #PoochPawty

See more photos of the entire party here.