Check out our Blog to see the Baby Story of the Week - Amara Lilly Suckow! Here is a sneak peek of the story...

"Congratulations to our Wholesale Sales Special, Trisha on the birth of her granddaughter! We recently had a chance to catch-up with Trisha to see how being a new grandma is going.

What is the best part of being a grandmother? I never thought I’d feel a greater Love and Joy than being a parent, but to my amazement, I am overwhelmed this exhilarating feeling of gratitude! Words just can’t explain! I received a card from baby Amara’s Grandma Suckow that says it all! “Grand Kids are God’s Gift for Growing Older!”

If you could give another grandma a tip, what would it be? I would advise other Grandmas to know that although we feel we are the “Expert Parents”, our children live in an information age and just like our wardrobes have changed so have the latest trends in parenting! Which is a good thing, right?!.."

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