Have some fun at your baby shower by playing some games. Big Dot of Happiness offers a plethora of different kinds from trivia to scratch-off cards. Here is just a short list of the offerings.

  • Itty Bitty Baby Parts: This game comes with 12 ultrasound images of different baby body parts (hands, feet, etc.). Guests have to try to guess which part is what. Answers can turn out to be hilarious!
  • Dirty Diaper Game: There are two ways to play this one. The first is that guests each receive a diaper pin on their way in to the shower. The one who opens theirs and finds a “dirty diaper” wins. Alternatively, make the word “baby” a taboo at the shower. Every time someone says “baby”, the person who catches them takes a pin from them. Whoever collects the most is the winner! It's also really funny to hear what substitutes for “baby” get said.
  • Baby Raffle: “Sell” tickets based on whatever you wish. You can do cash to make a charitable donation in the baby's name, or give one ticket per ten diapers received from a guest.

Remember, these are just a few of Big Dot's games. Check out our baby shower game section for much more, including prizes to give away. Have fun!