Totally adorable, customized for free, perfect for last-minute party planners… there are probably more than 5 reasons why personalized candy bars are the perfect party favor, but I’m going to limit this list to avoid a never-ending blog post. If you’re contemplating these awesome party favors but aren’t quite convinced yet, check out the following list… then head over to to see all of the eye-catching candy bar wrapper designs available for baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers and baptisms!

Personalized Favor Ideas1. They are easy to assemble! Although we’d all like to plan parties well in advance, favor creation is a task often left to be done just a few days before the celebration occurs. That’s why Big Dot of Happiness’ candy bar wrapper favors are so perfect – all you need is chocolate and a bit of tape, and your party favors will look professionally created in just a few simple assembly steps! (We’ve even created an entertaining tutorial that shows you how to do it!)

2. They come personalized… for free! Every hostess knows that personalization gives favors an extra-special touch, but adding it can be tricky and time-consuming. With these candy bar wrappers, however, Big Dot of Happiness does the work for you: They print two lines of your own text on each wrapper for free! The back of each wrapper even features special “nutrition” facts. What an easy way to customize every favor (and make the guest of honor feel extra-special)!

3. They ship super duper fast! With all of that personalization, it’s easy to assume that the turnaround time for these favors is lengthy, but they actually ship really fast! In fact, personalization won’t delay your order at all – 100 custom candy bar wrappers will ship just as fast as 1 pack of plastic cutlery. With Big Dot of Happiness’ candy bar wrappers, even last-minute party planners can enjoy completely personalized favors!

4. They are available in many unique designs! Whether you’re planning a playful, jungle-themed baby shower or an elegant, black and white bridal shower, Big Dot of Happiness has the perfect candy bar wrapper for your party. Some Hostess Heroes love them so much that they use them for every celebration they plan, from baby showers to baptism to birthday parties and beyond!

5. Smooth, creamy, Hershey’s® milk chocolate is the main ingredient. Need I say more?

No matter what kind of celebration you're planning, Big Dot of Happiness has a candy bar wrapper favor for you. Use the following links to see all of the candy bar favors available for baby showers, birthday parties, bridal showers, baptism and anniversary parties!

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