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Photo Birth Announcements

Show off your precious new bundle of joy with a photo birth announcement that will be a treasured keepsake for years to come. You can customize your birth announcement with photos of your sweet baby, then add in all of the important details, such as name, time and weight. Each photo birth announcement is printed on thick photo paper and folds into a 5x7 size, neatly fitting into the included envelopes. The hardest part is going to be choosing from our selection of unique designs so you had better start now – your family and friends are waiting for their first peek at that new baby!

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Your newborn’s photo birth announcement will be the first time many friends and family get a peek at your precious little one so you want to make sure to choose a design that has all of the important details listed, as well as numerous baby photos. Our photo birth announcements feature a fun folded design that allows for a favorite image on the front, and multiple lines of text and two more photos on the inside.


Tips for Sending Birth Announcements

Usually parents send out birth announcements within a few months of the baby’s birth, although etiquette rules say that any time before 6 months is acceptable. Sometimes it takes your photographer a little longer than expected to get proofs of your newborn photo shoot back to you; sometimes choosing a birth announcement is sidelined while you juggle your new responsibilities; and sometimes Mom and Dad are just plain tired and need a few more weeks to adjust. No matter when you choose to send your adorable birth announcement, you can be sure those receiving it will be grateful they were on your list!


But, one thing you will want to make sure to do in the first few weeks of your baby’s life is to get a few newborn photos to use on your birth announcement. You may choose a studio photographer with a ton of backgrounds and props; a lifestyle photographer who will come to your home and do a shoot with baby and you in your natural environment; or just take a few snap shots of that precious little face on your own. Either way, you will be grateful to have documented those first days. Your newborn will change so fast and you will want to have these photos for your birth announcement, even if you plan to wait a while to send them out.


Once you are ready to send your photo birth announcements, choose from our variety of designs and personalize it with the details of your newborn and the sweet photos you have. Our photo birth announcements are 14” x 5” flat, and 7” x 5” folded , and fit perfectly in the included envelopes. Make it even easier to send out your birth announcements when you use personalized address labels for the front and custom circle stickers as closures at the back. Everyone will think you are Super Mom for having the best announcements they have seen – and with coordinated envelopes!


Everyone gets excited about a new baby so don’t be shy when choosing who to send a birth announcement to, but know that no one will expect a handwritten note on each card. Your friends and family are aware that you and your baby are just getting to know each other – trust us, they will be impressed just with getting a birth announcement!


What if Grandma and Grandpa want to send birth announcements? This is perfectly acceptable as long as a few key rules are followed.


  1. 1. Ask. Is Mom and Dad ok with it? They get the final say on what Gram and Gramp do.
  2. 2. Don’t steal the thunder. Is Mom sending out birth announcements too? If so, Grandma and Grandpa better wait until hers are in the hands of all the family members.
  3. 3. Duplicate lists. If multiple people plan on sending a birth announcements, compare your lists. You may have duplicate contacts. Maybe you want them to have two – maybe not. But communicate as a group and make a plan for who gets what.

Making Your Photo Birth Announcement YOU-nique

Perhaps you would like one to match your baby shower theme – or maybe now that you have met your little one, a different style seems fitting. From our cute Monkey to Dashing Little Man to adorable sweet and classic Teddy Bear, we are sure there is a theme that you will adore. Don’t see it? Just ask and our design team may be able to help you create a special birth announcement.