Field Trip to the Mall and 2010 Big Dot Team Photo - Awarding Employees



Big Dot of Happiness celebrates the start of a great year with a team photo and trip to the mall.

Here are what the employees had to say about Big Dot of Happiness' award day!

"Big Dot of Happiness is not just your typical place to work. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond. Today it was the photographer who went above, (above the building that is) to capture what we call "Big Dot" body art. Can you believe that our team of 42 Big Dot fanatic's took only 15 minutes to capture this super cool photo. Now that's what I call TEAM WORK." - Michelle T., "Programmer of Dots"

"Unbelievable! That's about the only word I can use to properly describe what our "Big Dot Award Day" felt like. I've worked at other businesses in the past, but NEVER have I been rewarded in such a big way for "just" doing my job. We all had soooooo much fun shopping for ourselves (that's a hard thing to do as a Mom) and the best part is that it was guilt free! I will not forget this experience. I feel very fortunate to be working for a company whose owners treat their team with such appreciation. Very cool!" - Kari B., "Designer of Dots"

"Being randomly presented with a gift card and told to shop 'only for myself' was a ridiculously awesome surprise! It was so much fun to walk around the mall and do a little guilt-free shopping, but the best part was coming home from work that day and showing the shopping bags to my family - their jaws were on the floor!" - Emily K., an Expert Expert

"A typical company meeting story doesn't usually start with "and then we were loaded onto a school bus, blindfolded and taken to a remote location...the MALL!" However, most things that happen at Big Dot are not typical. That's what makes us unique. Everyone goes above and beyond to create remarkable smiles and it's always extra special when we are rewarded and have remarkable smiles of our own! How many people can say their work day was a trip to the mall? We work hard and get to play hard...we definitely did DOT TIL WE DROPPED!" - Jill S., "Designer of Dots"

"Where else can you get home from work and tell your family that you spent the afternoon "shopping for yourself" while on company time, let alone having the owners give you a gift card to spend on yourself. Thanks again Scott and Sherri!" - Candace W., an Expert Expert

"Big Dot of Happiness is truly the most remarkable company I have worked for! Not only do they take great pride in having amazing customer service, but they also take pride in awarding employees for their hard work and dedication! Taking our Big Dot photo and being surprised with a trip to the mall is one the most memorable moments I have had working at Big Dot of Happiness. I feel very blessed to be able to work at such an amazing company!" - Stephanie B., "Deliver of Dots"

"I definitely feel that everyone in the company is valued! The shopping trip was another way for everyone to feel assured that what they do, makes a difference. Scott and Sherri always give back so much to all of their employees!!!" - Jessi L., "Dotter of Dots"