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Design Concierge Service
Step 1: Pick A Product
Get the party started by picking your theme and a product you would like to customize. Our Expert Expert Design Team is able to change the designs of our products by making font and color adjustments to the artwork. Learn more about our Concierge Design service by watching our YOU-nique VIDEO
Step 2: Pick Color/Font
Now that you have selected a product for your party, the fun begins.

A. Pick your color or font by viewing the custom color and font charts by the main product image.

B. Type your color or font changes in the blank text box located in the personalization area of the page. Please note that your color or font changes will not show on the image. If the product that you would like to customize does not have this option, contact Customer Service or leave a message in the comment box located in the cart with your changes.  We will email you a proof with your custom requests.
Custom Party Options
Step 3: Add To Cart
Once you have picked your colors or font, add the product to your cart. Our Expert Expert Design Team is super excited to receive your order and customize it just for YOU - they will send you a free proof within one business day.
Step 3: Repeat

Now Repeat! If you would like more products customized go through the same steps or leave a message in the cart comment box stating that you would like your custom design requests applied to all products. Happy party planning and thank you for letting us be a part of your celebration.

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*Please note that we cannot customize tableware that coordinates with our themes.