Minnesota Boxer Rescue Dog Wedding Raffle Donation #PoochPawty #DogWedding

We believe that all dogs deserve a pawty and couldn't think of any more deserving than the wonderful pups at Minnesota Boxer Rescue. When we heard they were having a dog wedding - no, a DOUBLE dog wedding - we just had to be a part of the celebration.

Minnesota Boxer Rescue Dog Wedding Raffle Donation #PoochPawty #DogWedding

To help raise funds for this hard-working, all-volunteer rescue organization, WhenPoochComesToShove.com donated two dog parties in a box for the raffle. Chevron Boy bruffday party theme and Leopard dog party theme were featured and each party pack included tableware, party hats for both the pups and their human guests, placemats, treat boxes, cupcake wrappers and a gift certificate for the winner to order their own custom puppy party invitations. We can't wait to see what the winners do with their puppy party supplies!

Minnesota Boxer Rescue Dog Wedding Raffle Donation #PoochPawty #DogWeddingOlive & Brody and Molly & Banjo were also gifted with custom dog party posters to honor their vows. Through our concierge service, we were able to take the Chevron Girl puppy party poster and change the background to a fun heart pattern, perfectly representing the love they have for each other and the love their Moms and Dads have for these special pups.

We want to give a huge HUGE thanks to everyone at Minnesota Boxer Rescue who have given their time, their money and their heart to these pups without a voice. Without you, their forever homes - and the rest of us - wouldn't know the joy and the love each rescued boxer has to give. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You for what you do.

A special thanks to: ADOGO Pet Hotel // For offering up a great place to marry these lovely couples; Kelvin Andow Photogaphy // For the images of the Dogs of Honor; and numerous other volunteers and donors who made this event possible.