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Choosing a Bridal Shower Theme

Posted on July 21, 2010 by Big Dot

Finding the right theme for a bridal shower can be a daunting task. You want a pleasing aesthetic that will complement the bride but not go over your budget. Luckily, Big Dot of Happiness offers many different themes to choose from. Use these tips to figure out which theme will work for you.


If the bride has purchased her wedding invitations from us already, your work is halfway done for you. Just continue the theme. However, if she hasn’t ordered them yet, start by considering her personality. Is she girly and always on-trend? Go with our Trendy Flower theme. For a bride with contemporary tastes, go with one of our Bridal Silhouettes.


Your next option to consider is what kind of party you’re throwing. Is it an elegant cocktail affair? Our Champagne Glasses theme is perfect. For a laid-back garden party, our Cherry Blossom theme is gorgeous.


Next, consider the bride’s favorite colors. The Bridal Silhouettes come in several different colors. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with our Modern Black & White theme, with tableware in her favorite shade. Big Dot of Happiness has all the plates, cups, flatware, banners, and balloons you need to decorate in any color you choose.


It’s really that simple. You can even order thank you cards when you order the invitations, to make the process easy for the bride. Have questions about any of our products? You can chat live with an agent by clicking the link on the left of the page.

Happy Showering!

Posted by Jillian, a Dot-arilla Blogger

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