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Big Dot Of Happiness Value #2 - Be Passionate & Love What You Do!

Posted on April 27, 2011 by Big Dot

Hi! My name is Jill and I am proud to be an Expert Expert at Big Dot of Happiness! We have six core company values. My favorite is Value 2: Be Passionate & Love What You Do! Each day, as I’m talking to customers, I have the unique opportunity to hear and see the passion come through as they describe the amazing and unique touches they are adding to their events . Time and time again, I’m reminded that the extra touches, the ones done with love and from what you are passionate about, are what  can truly make an event! Here are three of my favorite examples of Big Dot customers being passionate and loving what they do through the extra touches put into their events!

Food is a classic way to express love and creativity. On a daily basis I am blown away with the passion hosts and hostess express through amazingly yummy looking treats! This Hostess Hero loved our super cute Girl Puppy Dog theme, and cooked up a storm, taking great care to match the colors and details perfectly!! You can feel her passion and love for creating remarkable treats by simply looking at these amazing photos!

Girl Puppy Dog Party Images

This amazing Mom was a JOY to talk with!! Her passion for taking ordinary objects and coordinating them with her theme was simply amazing!! I love how she incorporated the little details into a simple corner shelf arrangement to bring her theme to literally every corner of her home! It’s was clear that her daughter is her absolute pride and joy and her passion for celebrating each year of her life truly comes through in her amazing décor!

Modern Ladybug Party Decorations

What is creativity if not a fun and whimsy way to show your passion in all you do! This event for a little buckaroo was chock-full of passion and love for the interests of the family. Cowboys and girls to the core, even our Big Baby was dressed special for the event! Hearing our hosts and hostesses create new and unique ways to use our products is unbelievably fun! The passion that comes through when you take an object and find a new use for it is simply amazing!

Little Cowboy Party Decorations

Are you passionate, and do you love what you do? At Big Dot, we hope we’re bringing a little of value #2 directly to you!

Posted by Jill, an Expert Expert

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  • Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Such cute ideas, your company has the best tableware for birthday parties!

    Posted on June 7, 2011 at 3:49 am

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