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Big Dot of Happiness Personalized Banners

Posted on April 6, 2011 by Big Dot

Personalized Baby Shower BannerWhat do Twitter, instant messaging, texting and Big Dot of Happiness personalized banners have in common?  Give up?  They all are methods of communicating your small message in a big way.  Today’s technology is allowing us to stay in touch with our friends and family more frequently and faster than ever before.  No matter how the message is communicated, however, all can agree that some sentiments need to be shared in bold fashion.  And that’s where the personalized banners from Big Dot of Happiness can save the day. 

The birth of a baby, a bridal shower, a milestone anniversary, a baptism or a birthday bash are all perfect times to proudly display your love and best wishes for all to see.  The high quality personalized banners from Big Dot of Happiness are the most convenient, beautiful way to accomplish your mission.   Printed on glossy, photo quality paper, the banners are personalized with two lines of text and come in an almost endless array of designs and colors.  The standard size banners are one foot tall and five feet long.   Considering that the average height of an adult American female is 5 ft, 3 inches tall, that means that the banners you fly will be almost as long as most of your guests are tall.  Of course, the brand new super size banners are twice as large which makes them ideal if your party venue is a reception hall or large banquet room.  

Personalized BannerRecently I went to a birthday party and the smart hostess actually had permanent markers on a table directly underneath the stunning "Any Year" birthday banner and gave us all instructions to write our best wishes on the banner as the evening progressed.  Not only did it result in a unique keepsake for the birthday girl, it was fun to gather round the banner throughout the party and read all of the wonderfully witty comments that had been added.   This wise hostess had a second banner that she hung from the side of the banquet table in lieu of a table skirt and it really added a touch of class to the gift table.  That party would not have been half as successful without the creative addition of those banners and I bet yours won’t either.  So, get busy texting or tweeting or whatever it is you do to share good news because your friends won’t want you to keep the news of these banners to yourself for long.

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