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Baby Shower Game Idea: Decorate Onesies for the Mommy-To-Be!

Posted on June 5, 2012 by Big Dot

There are so many fun baby shower game ideas out there that choosing just the right one for your special celebration can be tricky. Decorating onesies for the Mommy-To-Be is a game we've found to be both fun AND practical (a rare combination for baby shower games). Plus, this unique baby shower game will provide the parents-to-be with lovely memories that they'll treasure long after the party is over!

All you need to do is instruct your baby shower guests to bring a plain onesie (or bib, or any other type of infant clothing) with them to the party, then make sure you have plenty of fabric markers and fabric paint available on the big day. Once your guests have all arrived at the baby shower and you’re ready to begin, simply pass around the markers and paint and let everyone decorate their onesies! It won’t matter whether each guest is an artist or not – such a fun, relaxed atmosphere is perfect for talking and laughing among friends and family. Once each guest has finished, you can even display the decorated onesies on a clothesline and hang it above the food or gift table. What a great photo opportunity! Of course, each item can be gifted to the Mommy-To-Be when the party is over. This simple baby shower activity will provide the lucky mommy with some much-needed infant clothing that has a truly personal touch.

Looking for a clever way to share this idea with your guests? Try adding this adorable phrase to the bottom of your baby shower invitations:

Instead of a card, please bring a plain onesie and prepare for some fun.
We’ll be decorating clothing for the little one!

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